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Ailigh Vanderbush

I am a certified pet behaviorist and own a consultation business. I can answer questions about all aspects of ferret care, especially behavior problems. I am not a vet, but can direct you to exotic vets if needed. Feel free to check out my web site

Janet Russek

I can answer questions re: Feeding(keeping that body weight up) General Care, Safety, Behavior, Best Cages, Proper Toys, Dangers to Ferrets (ferret proofing your home), Play Area/Room Suggestions.

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2016-09-23 cinnamon poisonous to ferrets?:

Dear Claire,  Contact your vet.  Ferrets can not digest cereals in large amounts.  For now, try feeding him some canned pumpkin.  It will try to work out the cereal in his system.      Please let me know

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