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Michael Curry

Please ask me any questions regarding residential mortgages in Ontario, Canada. This includes first and second mortgages, refinancing, renewals, debt consolidation, home equity lines of credit, and reverse mortgages. If you have any questions regarding HomEquity Bank's equity mortgages or CHIP reverse mortgages I will be happy to answer them. Please note: I will not be able to answer any questions regarding mortgages outside of the province of Ontario, Canada. Mortgages are regulated provincially in Canada - please contact a mortgage professional licensed in your home province.

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2017-03-26 Bad company Carfinco:

I would recommend getting an attorney and finding out if the bankruptcy laws can be used in your favor.    Perhaps, not even filing bankruptcy, but having your attorney threaten the possibility of    

2017-03-26 Bad company Carfinco:

Dear Elizabeth,    I am very sorry you are experiencing such difficulties with   this  company.  In my own experience, I have had more complaints   about this company, Carfinko, than any other company

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