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Dolly D Headley

I can assist with identification, acquisition, sell representation, and care of fine art prints and original paintings. Some of my artist specialties include Henri Toulouse Lautrec, California Artists, and the Modern Masters. I can also assist with information on getting professional appraisals and authentication.

D. E. Lombardo

On Vacation
returns 10/05/2016
I am unable to answer enquiries concerning objects, which are NOT related to the areas of Fine Art and Antiques. Nor will I; on the sole basis of any photographic images be willing to give any definitive monetary valuations, or monetary opinions. In such cases I would always advise on getting “real time” valuations and opinions from reputable and qualified auction houses, or third parties. In some applicable cases, I may perhaps give general indications of value, based on the presented materials. True valuations always need a direct “hands on” approach, with perhaps also the necessary research and verifications. Broadly open to almost all questions, regarding the majority of both European, American quality objects, which are related to both Antiques and Fine Art. This also includes modern 20th century designer objects such as furniture etc. My own particular comfort zone areas would be; The decorative Arts, marble, stone, furniture, ivory, bone, amber, ceramics and porcelain, sculpture, glass, silver and metal objects etc. I will also answer inquiries, and give opinions concerning Dutch 17th, 18th and 19th century paintings. Please note that I do have limitations and cannot possibly answer all questions, as the field is very extensive. VERY IMPORTANT and .....

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2016-08-29 rembrandt:

Dear Brittany,    You have a reproduction print after the original painting that resides at the Staatliche Museum. Their name is on the back because they authorized the reproduction by allowing access

2016-08-28 Oil painting:

Dear Maryann,    I feel fairly certain your painting is by Leon Franks (Californian, 1914-1970). He signed with both Leon Franks and Franks. Comparing the signatures they appear correct for his work. The

2016-08-27 Robert cox painting:

Dear Mary,  I have a Robert Cox, (1934 - 2001), floral still life in my collection. He is an American artist who was active in California, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Based on the photos; the style,

2016-08-06 James M Sessions Watercolor:

Dear Dee,    Session's original watercolor work is currently selling at auction in the $600-$1000 range. Since you have it unframed I would carefully roll and ship in a tube. His work is lovely and I would

2016-07-16 identification of artist:

Dear Angelina,    You have a limited edition lithograph print by Pati (Pat) Bannister called “Guinevere”. Guinevere was released in 1988 in a limited edition of 485. You did not mention if it had numbers

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