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Richard Hight

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returns 04/06/2015
I own and maintain several freshwater aquariums from 2 to 180 gallon. I can answer most questions about freshwater aquariums, including setup, cycling, maintenance, compatible tank mates, feeding. Moving? I've moved fish both across town and across the country and can help you get your little aquatic friends to their new home safely. I know and have experience with most freshwater community fish, South American Cichlids and African Cichlids. I don't answer questions about Goldfish or keeping Goldfish with Tropical Fish. I also don't answer questions about keeping crustaceans (shrimp, snails, crabs etc) with Tropical Fish, nor questions about saltwater fish or aquariums. I'm not available to answer questions on weekends, this is when I do maintenance on my own tanks.

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2015-03-17 Very sick betta and very confused owner:

Hi Lou    For the constipation, don't feed your Betta for 2-3 days. He will be fine without food for up to 3 days and this will allow him to clean himself out naturally. If after 3 days, he is still constipated

2015-02-05 Help with my cichlids:

Hi Ronda    In Cichlid tanks, there will always be aggression, there is no sure way to stop it. Things that help are rearranging tank decorations, adding new decorations and creating additional territories

2015-01-25 Betta fish fin rot/fin loss:

Hi Alyssa    My guess is he broke his fin on décor in the tank. His other fins look healthy so I don't think it is fin rot. Along with taking the ship out, make sure there is nothing else in the tank that

2015-01-13 oscar fish:

Hi Derek,       Oscars can and will eat just about anything that is at all smaller than them.  That is just what they do.  You are best to keep oscars alone, in my opinion.     -- Ron Coleman     rcoleman@cichlidresearch

2015-01-10 Acara:

Hi Thomas    The Blue Acara is generally peaceful with other fish of similar size, but can get territorial at feeding time and when breeding.    Angelfish would work with a Blue Acara as long as the Angels

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