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Ron Coleman

I am an expert on cichlid fishes, particularly New World cichlids. My broader expertise includes the behavior, ecology and reproduction of fishes in general. (I am NOT an expert on Goldfish). Please do not use abbreviations, such as "my GT has a swollen eye" because I don't know what a "GT" is. The more clearly you can explain your question, the better chance I have of understanding what it is that you seek. I keep fishes both as a scientist and as a hobbyist and I currently maintain about 140 aquariums.

Richard Hight

On Vacation
returns 12/02/2014
I own and maintain several freshwater aquariums from 2 to 180 gallon. I can answer most questions about freshwater aquariums, including setup, cycling, maintenance, compatible tank mates, feeding. Moving? I've moved fish both across town and across the country and can help you get your little aquatic friends to their new home safely. I know and have experience with most freshwater community fish, South American Cichlids and African Cichlids. I don't answer questions about Goldfish or keeping Goldfish with Tropical Fish. I also don't answer questions about keeping crustaceans (shrimp, snails, crabs etc) with Tropical Fish, nor questions about saltwater fish or aquariums. I'm not available to answer questions on weekends, this is when I do maintenance on my own tanks.

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2014-11-08 Betta male & females:

Hi Chris,     If you put a female in with a male betta he will naturally try to mate with her. If she is ready to mate, then they will, at which point you should take the female out.  After she has laid


Hi Roberta,     That does not sound like ich.  Ich would be everywhere, i.e., all over the body, particularly the fins.  It sounds more like mechanical damage. Is he bashing his head against something?

2014-10-20 Discus pH level:

Hi Larry    I get asked this question a lot and the answer is to trash the chemicals you're using and leave the pH alone. Adding chemicals to the water and fluctuating the pH will cause your Discus more

2014-10-20 Discus PH:

Hi Larry,    Discus are rather sensitive fish so the most important thing is that any adjustments you make to water chemistry, such as pH, you do gradually. I suggest you add more of the pH decrease over

2014-10-18 Growth on Fish Head:

Hi Nicholas,    Most likely that is a disease called columnaris.  Unfortunately it is rather nasty and hard to treat. You should go to a pet store and see if they have any medications for treating columnaris

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