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Tammie McClure

Anything about flags, what fabric is best for outdoor or indoor use, what size pole for the size flag, wind speed for areas where flags are flying, how to care for flags, how to clean, when to repair, how to dispose, custom flag information and more.

Marc Leepson

I can answer questions about nearly every aspect of the American flag, especially its history. I cannot answer questions about other flags, such as state flags and the flags of other nations.

Albert Kirsch

I am more-or-less expert in vexillology (the study of flags). My expertise is particularly strong in North America at the level of city and county, but if I don`t know the answer I know a dozen people who do. So if there`s a flag in the newspaper or on TV that you have trouble identifying, let me know. I`ll do my best. But PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME TO APPRAISE A FLAG'S VALUE: (1) I have no expertise in that area and (2) even if I did, I cannot appraise something I can't see. Take it to a museum which has a specialist in textiles and the like.

Jeff Bridgman

I am an expert in antique American flags, particularly in Stars & Stripes flag, both printed and sewn varieties. I also have expertise in antique Confederate flags. I am not an expert in flag etiquette and flag laws, so please don't ask me questions concerning where and how to fly modern American flags. My particular focus is on the 19th century, when there basically were no laws or rules of formal etiquette.

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2017-03-29 historical flags:

The second one sounds like a service flag for some organization with 34 service members. The first one I have no clue about - I'll post it and see what happens. The dimensions suggest it was a long decorative

2017-03-22 48' Star American Flag:

Hi.    That's roughly the correct period.  Sterling is a brand name of the Annin Company.  You start to see the Sterling name in the 19-teens.   Wool American flags effectively disappear around the end

2016-04-09 Cleaning:

I missed your follow-up somehow many moons ago.    No, do not wash it.  You may send it to a textile conservator, but you might find the cost to be prohibitive in relation to the value of the flag.  You

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