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Herbert Smith

I can answer questions about almost any flute-related topic.

I have trained professionally as a flute repair tech and music educator, and have a broad range of experiences as a performer. I also have experience with a huge array of flutes with any imaginable material or specification, and can comment on the quality of various instruments, as well as guide people through the flute-buying process. I'm willing and able to discuss various flute gadgets (Valgon rings, Foster extensions, etc.) as well.

I'm very familiar with piccolo, alto, and other harmony flutes (including those in unusual keys, such as Eb flute, Db piccolo, G treble, Ab alto piccolo, Flute D'amore, Contrabass, etc.).

I am also glad to offer advice on how to approach difficulties within pieces of music, offer teaching tips to those who give lessons, or answer just about any other flute-related query you can throw at me!

Please note, however, that I am not an appraisal service, and will not provide estimates of value. Please do not ask me about the value of your flute. I also must decline to date instruments based on their serial numbers.

Paul Hirsh

Anything to do with chromatic panpipes, panflutes, jazz panpipes, jazz panflutes, panpipe technique, Romanian nai, construction, tuning.

Nathan Muehl

I feel very comfortable answering questions regarding classical music. This includes performance of music on woodwind instruments, theory, history, etc. I am happy to answer questions about careers in music and collegiate study. I am also able to answer simple questions in the field of Audio Engineering.

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2016-12-05 piccolo headjoint size:

Hello again Vivian!    You have a couple options if the head will go on easily, but is just too loose.  If this is the case, the cheapest, easiest option is to simply get some teflon tape from any hardware

2016-12-04 piccolo headjoint size:

Hi there, Vivian!    There's no more difference between a European and an American piccolo headjoint than there is between a European flute headjoint and an American one.  There can be (and most often

2016-11-17 Piccolo questions:

Hello Rose!    First off, let me say that when it comes to choosing which fingering to use, almost anything is acceptable if you choose it for musical reasons.  However, the standard fingerings are standard

2016-10-04 Used Flute:

Hello Richard,    Yes, you're correct that there are two keys missing from this instrument.  I can't tell what make of flute this is from the pictures, but it's extremely unlikely to be of any value.

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