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Marcin Puszka

I prefer questions about european folk music, especially from Ukraine, Poland, Russia, UK, France and Germany. Also you can ask about the instruments used in the songs and bands, members of the bands and composers of songs. Please don't ask me about country music, bluegrass etc. Also don't ask me about singers like Bob Dylan or Joan Baez. You can ask me also about new folk music like folk-metal or folk-punk.

Kaye McAlpine

My main field of expertise in in traditional ballads - those commonly known as the Child ballads. Those containing executions are my particular speciality, but I am also interested in ballad structure formula, functions and narrative constructs. However, I also have interest in - and academic knowledge of - bothy ballads, and the singing tradition of Scotland - although not Gaelic song. This includes Jacobite song, political song, songs about the trades, and so on. I'm pretty au fait with traditional singers and bands too. And while I enjoy singing the songs, I'm not so sure others might enjoy listening!

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