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Jim Pfister

Food Engineering/Manufacturing, Food Packaging/Distribution, Engineering Beverage Lines, Reducing operating cost of packaging lines while increasing efficiency. Lean Manufacturing. Incorporating new package technology into existing operations. Training staff to achieve smooth transition from "start-up" to full production. Managing complex projects across multi-disciplinary lines. Equipment PreShipment Factory Acceptance testing and Commissioning programs for new equipment.

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2016-09-01 Storing Tomatoes:

Hello Lanre    The new technology to preserve Fruits and vegetables is known as HPP which is high pressure process it kills all the bacteria surrounding the fruits and or vegetables. You can go on line

2016-08-09 Dry roasted peanuts with & without salt.:

I can give you some info. The two types of roast and wet and dry. Wet uses hot oil, dry uses hot air.  Nowadays, I would say that dry is preferred.   Split nuts are usually rejects. It would be harder

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