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Carl LaFrate

I can answer food safety questions relative to food processing, retail food and food salvage after a catastrophic event such as a hurricane, flood, ammonia leak or fire. Questions related to HACCP, Regulatory, GFSI, SQF, BRC, liability issues, contamination events, pest infestation, pest control methodology,food safety defense, pathogen prevention such as L. Monocytogenes control in food processing and retail, any subject related to food safety including at home issues.

Carol Schlitt

On Vacation
returns 04/01/2017
I can answer questions on home food safety, sanitation and home food preservation.

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2017-03-21 Cocoa Powder:

Hi KC,    I didn't know the answer to your question so I reached out to a friend of mine who is an award-winning chocolatier in St. Louis for his opinion.  Here's what he said:    "I donít know for sure

2017-03-10 Consumer Safety-Postal Irradiation Practicess:

I wouldn't be concerned at all about this. There is no documented risk associated with postal irradiation practices and frankly I doubt it is even done routinely. Probably done possibly if something is

2017-03-07 liability:

The food processing company will likely be held responsible for the salmonella contamination but the restaurant will also likely be named in the lawsuit. The insurance company you have will file a claim

2017-03-06 Slimy ham:

The slimy condition you see is an indication the cooked ham was either left out of refrigeration at some point or it was held under refrigeration for too long. It is a quality, not a food safety issue

2017-03-03 safe to cook:

Hi Marchelle,    The "sell-by" date on poultry is there for the benefit of the grocer to make sure they are rotating their products and selling them while they are in prime quality.  As a consumer, you

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