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BML Consulting

I have 30 years within the foodservice industry as an equipment, supplies and fine dining consultant. I have worked for foodservice distributors and more than 50 equipment, supplies and top-of-the-table manufacturers within the Southern California marketplace. I have extensive experience and knowledge in the areas of heavy cooking equipment, front-of-the-house, fine dining, wine and tablewares. I am interested in giving back to the community that has assisted in my success and I am happy to offer my unbiased expertise to those in need of objective answers. I am also certified as a CFSP professional (Certified Food Service Professional) as a member of NAFEM.

Malcolm Evans

I am a field service Engineer who specialises in kitchen fire suppression, particularly utilising the R-102 wet Chemical, Ansul Kitchen Fire Suppression System. I am fully Ansul trained in Design, Installation and Maintenance of these systems.

Larry Edger

Multi concept restaurant owner. Just finished fourth restaurant. Can answer questions on all aspects of running, owning and starting a restaurant, cafe or hospitality operation. Enjoy helping other restaurant owners. Most "consultants" have no idea what a restaurant operator needs to be successful. Let me know if I can assist you finding answers to your operating and marketing questions. Accomplished chef and menu development a particular talent for upscale casual restaurants.

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2017-01-11 Dishwasher maintenance:

James:  Without physically being able to personally inspect it I can't be sure of anything. Why don't you ask the chemical company that services your restaurant? If the scum is whitish it's usually an

2017-01-07 Dishwasher maintenance:

Hi James:  What you have is lime/scale build-up and you will want to order a descaling chemical that is also food safe from your local chemical company. You can try running white vinegar through your machine

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