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I live in Paris and I usually know what happens in my town concerning museums, theatre, music but also where to have a great hot chocolate or a nice walk in town. I have no direct knowledges for hotels (except their site).

Patrick Robichaud

I travel to Paris each year and I'm well acquainted with restaurants, shops, hotels and the general layout of the arrondissements. I frequently create itineraries for my friends, including what to pack, how to travel, etc. I also frequent many out of the way places that are not in a lot of tour books, but that should NOT be missed.

Jon Catt

champagne ardenne history art architecture museums hotels restaurants gastronomy guided tours

Terry Casey

Most experienced for Paris, Loire Valley, Provence, Dordogne, Alsace, Burgundy, Normandy and Reims/Champagne Country. Terry likes helping travelers get trip "flow and pacing" right so your adventure is neither . . . a bore, NOR a blur! Make sure your timing works, fitting your interests, tastes, personal experiences and needs. Terry has planned and done great trips to the Baltics, Russia, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Ireland, England, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, Norway, Turkey and Switzerland, plus South America and Cuba. Did wonderful April, 2007, week in Paris, summer 2008 southern England trip, summer 2010 fjords/North Cape, Norway coast, etc. Has visited twenty=two different countries in Europe. You can check out our Norway coast/fjords adventure with lots of great pictures from last summer at: This live/blog has gotten nearly 52,000 views. For Villefranche, ports in Italy and along the the Croatian coast, you can check this live/blog. We are now at 42,762 views here. France is great, but these other parts of the Europe are wonderful, too!!!

Ski Chamonix

I am an independent traveler and can share information on the Chamonix Ski Resort. I am not aligned to any business at the resort and am unable to provide any recommendations on hotels or accommodation.

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2016-11-14 Paris day trip from London:

Hello  you will arrive Garde du Nord  if you want to visit the eiffel tower and then le louvre and orsay (tegre are big, iw will davice to see jacquemart andré and ahev a lunch there)  the best choice

2016-11-14 day trip to Paris from London:

Hello,       I'm presuming that you will arrive at the Gare du Mord. Paris Open Line has a stop here. They offer a one day tour service and you can hop on and hop off. You can reserve on line. Remember

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