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I can answer questions about betta, goldfish, aquatic snails, freshwater crustaceans, freshwater bottom feeders, and tropical fish. I have little knowledge on freshwater frogs/tadpoles. No saltwater fish/cichlids questions please! I do *NOT* know how to make Decor for tanks/aquariums. I can also help you if your fish is stress/sick and setting up an aquarium/fish bowl/tank/etc. I can also help you with disease/injuries/parasites/etc. I can also help you with compatibility of tropical aquatic animals.

Richard Hight

On Vacation
returns 12/15/2016
I own and maintain several freshwater aquariums from 2 to 180 gallon. I can answer most questions about freshwater aquariums, including setup, cycling, maintenance, compatible tank mates, feeding. Moving? I've moved fish both across town and across the country and can help you get your little aquatic friends to their new home safely. I know and have experience with most freshwater community fish, South American Cichlids and African Cichlids. I don't answer questions about Goldfish or keeping Goldfish with Tropical Fish. I also don't answer questions about keeping crustaceans (shrimp, snails, crabs etc) with Tropical Fish, nor questions about saltwater fish or aquariums. I'm not available to answer questions on weekends, this is when I do maintenance on my own tanks.

michael mccorry

On Vacation
returns 12/30/2016
I can answer questions concerning tanks, setup, display, maintence,filters, heaters, substrates, CO2 Systems, lighting, arrangements. Also water quality, chemical makeup and altering water parameters. I can advise on fish selection, how to arrange the tank to minimize aggression, water parameters for specific fish, breeding and raisning fry. Feeding and nutrition. Lighting both flourescent and metal halide and everything in between Plants, selection, lighting and feeding requirements, CO2 Systems, and substrate selection as well as what plants will work with what fish. Heating, and cooling the tank. Automating certain functions and what maintenence is necesssary to keep things looking good. Fish diseases their diagnosis and treatment. As well as other topics related to the hobby.

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2016-12-02 plant:

Hey Charlie,    Without a picture, it's hard to tell, but chances are, if you bought the plant recently, it might be a small plant (of another variety) that could have tagged along with the plant when

2016-11-02 Corydoras Catfish Dying:

Hi Luca!    I'm sorry for your loss.    The dark red blotches on the fins could be due to blood hemorrhaging of the veins in the tail and fins.  This can cause thin red lines or spots of red appearing

2016-10-03 Sick flowerhorn:

Hello,    Flowerhorns have horns to begin with so I'm not sure what you mean by saying it is "developing horn."    Since it is swimming in unnatural positions, it probably has swim bladder disease. The

2016-09-16 Fish Breeding (Hybrid):

Hello Ann!    Not all species of fish can inter-breed but it is possible for different species to breed if they are in the same genus. Theoretically, mollies can hybridize with guppies since they are both

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