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I can answer questions about betta, goldfish, aquatic snails, freshwater crustaceans, freshwater bottom feeders, and tropical fish. I have little knowledge on freshwater frogs/tadpoles. No saltwater fish/cichlids questions please! I do *NOT* know how to make Decor for tanks/aquariums. I can also help you if your fish is stress/sick and setting up an aquarium/fish bowl/tank/etc. I can also help you with disease/injuries/parasites/etc. I can also help you with compatibility of tropical aquatic animals.

Richard Hight

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returns 05/01/2017
I own and maintain several freshwater aquariums from 2 to 180 gallon. I can answer most questions about freshwater aquariums, including setup, cycling, maintenance, compatible tank mates, feeding. Moving? I've moved fish both across town and across the country and can help you get your little aquatic friends to their new home safely. I know and have experience with most freshwater community fish, South American Cichlids and African Cichlids. I don't answer questions about Goldfish or keeping Goldfish with Tropical Fish. I also don't answer questions about keeping crustaceans (shrimp, snails, crabs etc) with Tropical Fish, nor questions about saltwater fish or aquariums. I'm not available to answer questions on weekends, this is when I do maintenance on my own tanks.

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2017-04-09 green spot in veiltail gold fish:

without pics hard to diagnose. I would do the salt dip in any case. Other than that if there are no symptoms and the fish is not distressed I would perhaps just do a wait and see what develops rather than

2017-04-09 green spot in veiltail gold fish:

Without pics I would hazard a guess that it could be lice.I would try a dip in water treated with a broad spectrum cure. Measure it out based on water volume and dip the fish 2-3x daily. Leave the fish

2017-03-23 My cichlids had lots of babies!:

Hi Renee!    Yes, you have described Convict Cichlids perfectly. They are the best parents. The mom will hang near the fry, while dad protects them all. When my Convicts or any other Cichlids have babies

2017-03-13 Fish species seeing in the dark.:

Hello!    No, not all fish can see in the dark. In order for a fish to see at all, there has to be light that enters through the cornea and passes through the lens of the eye, which focuses the light on

2017-03-03 help with possibly egg heavy gold barbs:

Mercedes,  from what I see in the pic she looks pretty heavy.   You will see quivering, and flitting around. She will not color up  as much as the male.  They are egg scatterers so if you have a tank set

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