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Dr. Kalli Prater

I am capable of answering a wide variety of questions including: what lab tests are best for what conditions/symptoms, what the difference between functional lab values and clinical lab values means, what functional lab values are for a variety of tests, why functional medicine can give you the best results by looking for the underlying cause of the problem.

Steven Carney

I can answer questions that involve nutrition, fitness and weight loss issues. I'm also able to answer questions for chronic, lifestyle-driven conditions, such as high cholesterol/triglycerides, high BP/hypertension, atherosclerosis/heart disease, systemic inflammation, arthritis, high blood sugar, obesity, etc.

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2016-08-17 Strange Case of Low Iron:

Hey!    Thanks for those additional details!    So yes, she is at the low range for iron and ferritin and her lowest was shortly after she started on the new iron supplement, tested just after she started

2016-08-16 Strange Case of Low Iron:

Thanks for the info. One thing I should have caught is that you are both in Canada? So for the lab values, I need to know the reference ranges too (they vary per country and different testing labs also

2016-08-16 Strange Case of Low Iron:

Iron doesn't work by itself and there could be a few issues. 1- if the patient is on PPI drugs it inhibits the breakdown and absorption of iron. Iron also needs b12 and folic acid to be utilized in the

2016-08-16 Strange Case of Low Iron:

Hey Igor:    This does seem like an unusual case and I need to know more details before I can help.     For example, do you know what form of iron she is taking?   What is the approximate age of the client?

2016-08-12 Allergy:

Peanuts are not a nut, but a legume which you already have an understanding of. If someone has a tree nut allergy I often find there are issues with more than one kind of nut, but peanuts allergies do

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