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Dr. Kalli Prater

I am capable of answering a wide variety of questions including: what lab tests are best for what conditions/symptoms, what the difference between functional lab values and clinical lab values means, what functional lab values are for a variety of tests, why functional medicine can give you the best results by looking for the underlying cause of the problem.

Steven Carney

I can answer questions that involve nutrition, fitness and weight loss issues. I'm also able to answer questions for chronic, lifestyle-driven conditions, such as high cholesterol/triglycerides, high BP/hypertension, atherosclerosis/heart disease, systemic inflammation, arthritis, high blood sugar, obesity, etc.

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2016-12-28 Chocolate and wine:

Hey John:    These are valid questions to ask. First, dark chocolate does have some health benefits, especially for its anti-oxidants and polyphenols. Also, dark chocolate, such as bitter sweet, also has

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