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I am a professional poker player and game theory expert. I can answer almost any question related to poker, from your local home game to winning big tournaments or playing at a casino. I am the head cash game instructor at, and I run a site for poker coaches at, give lessons (I'm usually booked at least two weeks ahead of time) and I know a little about the online poker affiliate business as well.

Al Pepper

Limit Texas Hold'em. No-Limit Texas Hold'em. Online Poker. No-Limit Hold'em Tournaments. 1st Place -- Viejas $50 Buy-in No-limit Tournament. 1st Place -- Fort McDowell Casino $50 Buy-in No-limit Tournament.

Stuart Resnick

I'm a skilled, recreational player of video poker (VP) and other casino games. I can answer questions regarding VP etc strategies, and also the "meta-game" of getting maximum comps from the casino for your play

I LOVED 21...

Anything to do with gambling and gambling addiction. Having been a gambling addict for quite a few years and losing almost everything ~ I understand the hold this addiction has on individuals and their families.

The Count

I have considerable expertise in all casino games as well as horse race wagering. My strongest area of knowledge is in Blackjack. VideoPoker questions are also welcome as are the areas of Craps and Baccarat. No sport-betting queries. I was a professional gambler for decades, now semi-retired.

Richard Reed

I am the owner/editor of the #1 Informational Guide of Las Vegas, Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas.My 30-years of experience living, working, and gambling in Las Vegas coupled with six years of printing 100,000 magazines monthly about Las Vegas has earned expert credentials.My extensive background in current and yesteryear activities allows my readers a true "Insider Viewpoint" to the 24-hour city of excitement.

Vic G

I can assist you with a number of casino games to include blackjack, craps, roulette, and poker (Texas Hold'em, 7 Card Stud, and Omaha). I have visited hundreds of casinos and may be able to answer specific questions about casinos or poker rooms in your area. Lastly, I have a collection of over 3,700 casino chips, so if you're a collector, or are just curious of what the value of a chip may be, I can assist you.

Phillip J. Boucher

Author of the book, "Slot Machines: Fun Machines or Tax Machines? A Technician Reveals the Truth About One-Armed Bandits", ISBN 1-55270-049-6 published by Productive Publications under the pen name Ian B. Williams. I can answer any question related to the concept, design, marketing, programming, operation, installation, repair, and maintenance of slot machines, video poker machines, and video lottery terminals, and their related equipment and machinery, within the regulated gaming industry. I WILL NOT ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS WHATSOEVER RELATED TO THE PRIVATE OWNERSHIP OF GAMING MACHINES, INCLUDING QUESTIONS SUCH AS "I JUST BOUGHT A SLOT MACHINE AND IT DOESN'T WORK...". I can help dispel all the myths and misconceptions that have permeated the print and news media about slots over the years. I can also answer questions related to gambling addiction in general and slot machine addiction in particular. Each question will be answered truthfully, without bias, whether the answer is what the questioner wants to hear. I will not propagate the myth that there are secrets to winning or beating slots, because there are none. There are no methods or tricks or other such nonsense that a lot of people think there are. I`m sorry, but reality in regard .....

Andrew Senger

Anything casino related, including questions on Table Games, Slots, Security, and Surveillance.

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2017-03-13 Walking Away a Winner:

Blake,    In an game of chance, like craps, most players believe in hot and cold streaks.  During a hot streak, when the shooter is hitting your numbers and you're winning, you believe that the hot streak

2017-03-07 Walking Away a Winner:

Q: Okay so I've been playing craps for a while.  Any psychological tips for walking away?  It seems like small wins are the way to go with craps, like 50 bucks a session/table, but sometimes that happens

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