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Peter Melamed, PhD

I can answer all questions about digestive health, especially in focus on the non-drug, non-surgery treatment. It includes healing diet, acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, healing mineral water, abdominal massage, and cleansing techniques. All these practices are widely used by gastroenterologists all over the world.

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2017-02-20 Sudden intolerance to alcohol?:

Dear, Barry!    You are completely right. After break and start to drink cold alcohol again, sensitivity to alcohol is getting higher. Friendly, I do not like your abdominal pain, headache and nausea.

2017-02-06 Cough:

Dear, Justin!    A few things I can discuss with you.    First. You wrote “chronic cough and throat”, “clearing  cough up a white foamy stuff”, “really bubbly and white mixed with clear after I cough it

2017-02-02 chronic constipation:

Dear, Chris!    Many people want the simple solution for constipation and like to take the symptomatic treatment. I think that you like to have some laxatives. The laxatives irritate colon wall and cause

2017-01-27 Bad breath sore tummy:

Dear, Stephen!    You are completely right. The stomach problems and bad breath are interrelated. Bad breath typically shows the high-level inner toxicity and fermentation in the GI tract.     My simple

2017-01-24 Gerd:

Dear, Stefanie!    Acid reflux is the most common diagnosis because there are stomach acid suppressors’ medications. GERD is the most common diagnose, and the acid suppressors are a billion dollars myth

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