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Peter Melamed, PhD

I can answer all questions about digestive health, especially in focus on the non-drug, non-surgery treatment. It includes healing diet, acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, healing mineral water, abdominal massage, and cleansing techniques. All these practices are widely used by gastroenterologists all over the world.

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2016-09-26 grainy stools:

Dear, Victoria!    Brown, sand-like stool may be related to some foods. The stool like coffee grounds may be the symptom of the stomach ulcer.   My advice relax, see what you eat, continue watching your

2016-09-24 Ultrasound report:

Dear, Maria!    You are worried about your visual test.     Your pancreas looks normal. I do not know how long this mass persists, maybe years, maybe months. I do not know your age, symptoms, eating habits

2016-09-09 boost immune system on prednisone:

Dear, V!    Your question is: Is it possible that by boosting my immune system, could it set off my auto-immune response that Crohn's typically is?    My answer may sound strange, but I treat the persons

2016-09-09 Silent reflux and chest pain:

Dear, Erin!    Your question “Is this something that sounds like reflux?”    “Reflux” is the most often disorder in the modern gastroenterology and acid suppressors are the most prescribed medicine. GERD

2016-08-30 Fatty Liver:

Dear, James!    There is  a numeric way to measure the fat in the liver, but it is not for the  common practice.  If you like  mathematic, the easy and practical way is waist measurement. Measure your

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