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Josh Hawkins

I am a gay man and a recent graduate of an Adult Psychology program and graduated with honors. As a result, I would like to assist anyone out there with any type of challenge that they may be facing. Before I list the type of questions that I may answer, I would like to encourage as many follow-up questions as possible. I'm not here to help you once and leave. I'm here to help you with your challenge every step of the way, until it's 100% completed. Some of the examples of types of questions that I may answer for you include: coming out, various questions of the gay community as a whole, negative feedback, how to handle stress and the emotional roller coaster you may be on.

Ashley Morgan

Being a girl myself, I really prefer questions from girls, as that's where I have the experience. I will do my best to answer your questions about your sexuality; specializing in female masturbation and gay/bi fantasies, including what healthy masturbation and sexual activity with the same sex is, what may be unhealthy, or when you may need more time before taking that next step. Also when masturbating or sexual activity with other girls may cross the line to sex, and how to handle gay/bi feelings while in your family whether it's coming out to your parents, or comparing notes with siblings or children


I can answer all your bi-teen sex questions. I can also give advice on chat rooms or internet relationships. I`m only a teen myself but I have been through a lot with both boys and girls.


I'm here to help you with whatever concerns/issues you have about homosexuality (and LGBTQ in general). These include issues like homophobia, bisexuality, confusion, coming out, crushes, relationships, abuses, etc. Just go ahead and ask; I'll do my best! :)


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Hello there, I am able to answer a broad spectrum of questions. These range from the dilemma of coming out of the closet, doubts of your sexuality, understanding the reason behind homosexuality, signs of a homophobe, whether someone is interested in you, and homosexuality in the context of Christianity. The questions asked and my given answers are not limited only to the field of homosexuality. You are welcomed to approach me with family, school, emotional or psychological issues you are dealing with. Here is a link to a collection of my answers on the issues listed above:

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2016-09-14 confusing guy:

Hi Thomas, it's nice to hear from you.    First and foremost, if anyone asks you to leave them alone for any reason you should do it and let them make the next move (if there ever is one). It sounds like

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