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Relationship Counsellor

I am quite experienced and matured enough to handle questions related to following topics: 1) Love- Friendship 2) Issues in all kinds of relationships. 3) making a relationship work. 4) Effective tips to sustain a relationship. 5) Sex related queries. Well as of now haven't come across any such questions, which would offend me or I lack expertise in, but am a straight forward person and doesn't hold my wordings back. I don't mind being honest in case I lack knowledge about particular aspect and quite flexible to accept genuine views of others or seek other professionals for my case studies, to help the clients out.


expertise: over 7000 questions answered...B.A. Psychology Bates College;graduate study, Fordham Univ. School Social Work; technical editor, "dating for dummies", 2d edition, by dr joy browne; thoughtful consideration of your question, then insightful advice about love,romance and related issues given in an objective, non-judgmental manner...over 20 years of personal experience in both short and long term relationships...longer term consultations are available upon experience: personal involvement in many relationships where issues of love, sex, intimacy, trust, etc., had to be dealt with and resolved...just having "experiences", however, isn`t`s the thoughtful reflection upon and analysis of what happened and why, that leads to learning and tell me what`s on your mind and i`ll try to help, or tell you if i can`t...thanks


First and foremost if you read ahead you'll find I have a word limit on questions I'll read. This site is for short simple questions and it should not be for writing essays. Please also note I am unfamilar with most cultures outside of United Stated, UK, and France. Please respect my rules. I don't like rejecting questions. I will be the first to admit that I don't know everything about dating, women/men, and interpersonal connections. However I have learned quite a bit vicariously from other people's experiences. Think of my advice as a second opinion. I would be happy to answer all questions related to relationships, dating, self-confidence, and self-image that I can. I have struggled with all of those things and probably know better than most how to deal with all of them.

I hope more than anything that my advice and opinions will help give people perspective in their lives, and hopefully make them feel better about themselves and their situations. I will attempt answering questions for anyone of any age group or nationality. However it would be particularly useful to know the age of all people involved. It does make a difference towards the advice .....

Dr. Dennis W. Neder

I'm able to answer any sort of question related to the approach, meeting people, dating, sex, relationships, break-ups, non-legal marriage and divorce questions, and anything in between. I've helped over 30,000 people with their individual issues. IMPORTANT: Please, PLEASE don't ask me, "what was he thinking..." or "why did he say..." types of questions! I DO NOT READ MINDS! There are 1,001 reasons why someone does what they do, says what they say or thinks what they think. If you *REALLY* want to know what they were thinking, saying or why they were acting that way - go ask them! Be sure to check out my FAQ's on my website at: You can email me directly at:


I can answer basic questions about relationships like how to meet the right person, how to express your feelings, how to cope with long distance relationships. I cannot answers psychological issues. I believe that being a young person I can understand teenage issues much better.

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2016-10-12 Romantic:

true romance comes from within a person who sees beauty in the world and in the object of his affection and fascination, who pays attention to detail, who is comfortable within himself to be joyful and

2016-09-25 Your thoughts on relationships:

Hello!    You know those messages they put in the beginning of movies that say "based on a true story"? Well, the story you actually see is about 5% real and 95% made-up.    That's exactly how relationships

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Hey Vihara!    More likely, it'll look like you are telling him how to win you!    Don't be afraid to ask for what you need (in consideration of his needs too of course). If he has a problem with it, he's

2016-09-04 Is he interested or not:

Hello again Vihara!    Honestly, I can't make any assumptions here. I don't know this man and I'm only seeing his actions/interactions through your eyes.    As to talking to him on the phone (or better

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Hello Vihara!    He hasn't texted you back after 2 days? Doesn't he know how long that is in girl-years???    Kidding, obviously.    Vihara, you're putting way to much emphasis and (frankly) importance

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