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Fernando Doylet

With a growing list of websites I created, translate and maintain in several topics, I keep my production simple and attractive; since some of my sites are built for the South American market, slow and obsolete computers are my concern. The use of interactive forms, graphics, new free services and focus communities are also important.

Richard Seltzer

How to find what you want on the Internet. How to design your pages so you can be found on the Internet. Use of content to attract traffic to a Web site.

Gaston Michel Côté

Anything related to web design, gamification, color psychology, and ELearning. Codes: HTML5, CSS3.

Nancy Janyszeski

On Vacation
returns 10/01/2016
I can help with basic HTML questions and web development concepts. I do not write JavaScript, but can help with the concept of using and where to find it.

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2016-07-23 Text:

It should work.   Perhaps try with a different font-size. The image takes 25% of the page width and the space taken by the paragraph may be too much.    This looks like one occasion where I would just

2016-07-21 Image help:

Hi,  The display property specifies if/how an element is displayed.    Every HTML element has a default display value depending on what type of element it is. The default display value for most elements

2016-07-18 mp4 video:

Hello Pankaj,    Different browsers require different video formats;  When I code, I always use all the formats to ensure the video will play.  There are online video transfer resources which will create

2016-07-17 Image help:

Try display:block for your image  try display: inline-block  Try text-align: right;    Try usigng position: position: absolute;          right: 0px;          width: 300px;   

2016-07-14 text:

Bob, you can use HTML to align text and an image.  The w3 has a "try it"    The following has the code you are looking for.    http://www

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