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Rev. Bob Matheson

I have experience on-line responding to questions primarily in history: Modern England; Modern Europe: North America (Canada and the United States); as well as Europe in the Middle Ages. Despite, or actually perhaps because of, my profession as a Clergy of The United Church of Canada, I have tended to steer away from questions in the realm of Religion and Spirituality. I have also responded to some questions regarding the preparation and presentation of scholarly papers in terms of the use of such style sheets as The Chicago Manual of Style and that published by The Modern Language Association of America.

C.M. Aaron

My interests are pretty diverse: military history, technology, and social trends for most historical eras, general U.S. history, European history, especially Roman and early medieval history but also the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, European colonialism in Africa, a little bit of Asian history, especially as it relates to European and American imperialism. I'm also pretty good with presidential history.

Lee Gilliland

I can answer questions about the RMS Titanic, her sinking, passengers, etc.

Michael Troy

My specialties are 17th through 19th Century history, especially in the Americas and Europe. I also have a fair knowledge of ancient Greek and Roman History, and some knowledge of Medieval European history. My expertise is focuses on Military and political history, but I`ll take a crack at anything.

Claes-Gustaf Nordquist, M.D.

I have a long and intense interest in European and World History. This also includes Military History - especially as I have been a military physician-surgeon for 15 years. I`m also interested in the history of Science, Technology-Engineering, Medicine and Mathematics.


I am able to answer most questions relating to history, geography and philosophy. MA in History, endorsement in all social studies.

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 Here is a good book on the history of the mounties:    Here is a good book covering the Gold Rush:

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For French involvement in Mexico, I recommend Maximilian and Carlota: Europe's Last Empire in Mexico by M. M. McAllen.

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