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I can answer general questions about stock investing. I am not a trader and do not have much ability to answer questions on trading. I am a long term investor, so those questions are fair game.

Michael Weiss, CFA

I can answer most questions about stock investment strategies, especially those related to value and growth

Tad Borek

I am a San Francisco-based investment adviser and attorney.


I answer only public questions so all can benefit . there is a donation button.but its not necessary for you to donate to ask me a question. if you want to donate. it will go to my daughters education fund and I thank you. I do NOT endorse any of the website ads that will bring you to my answers. I have started a blog called ..AS Tbaarr Sees It.. tThats the only site where I might benefit from any ads,see below for the address. I dont care about ratings as i am not here to make you buy a service from me... If you want my opinion just ask me... I was a expert who was consistantly in the top ten.... I have found my screename,on google,being used without my permission to promote scottrade and other garbage... Ask me here first before you try any service that is claiming my screename or using it as a link.... PLEASE let me know at my webpage or blog.... .. ....So i can go after them Thank you MY BROKER OF CHOICE IS CHARLES SCHWAB

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2017-04-17 Investing for a beginner:

I have used Schwab since 1985.. u get what u pay for. So I spend a little more and get quality service not some bullcrap fly by night.. u will need 1k min 2 open an account.. now if 1k is tough here's

2017-04-13 Investing for a beginner:

Ok most Mary Jane stocks are penny stocks..i have followed a few and only found one that went from 20 cents a share to 1.20. That meant 10000 shares costing 2000 cash went to 12k and then it dropped like

2017-04-11 valuation:

I just realized a reason these terms might be confusing. Over/underweight is so often used to describe an person's size and fitness. Overweight brings to mind flabby, slow, etc. But that's not the way

2017-04-04 valuation:

All of these are subjective terms - different people will use them differently. But also, overvalued and overweight are used in two different contexts.    Overvalued means the stock is selling at a high

2017-04-03 valuation:

Sorry Greta, I did not want to overwhelm you with things. I used to have as my home page. I've since started using a software that is more to my liking and provides me with more of what

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