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Ralph Salier

20+ years in Business Anthropology working all over the world. Background in Archaeology and Anthropology.


Any question about the Earth and space too! Facts, statistics, mapping, naming, finding places and opinions about the global matters, nature, people, cities, countries, rivers, mountains, deserts, environment, ecology, travel etc. Anything that bothers or confuses you about how our earth works and why?

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2016-08-31 Rain in other planets.:

Hi Prashant,    In our solar system we only know that water rain falls on Earth.  Mercury does not have an atmosphere so it does not rain there.  Venus has a very thick atmosphere and it is very hot but

2016-08-31 Capturing Rainbow Images.:

Hi Prashant,    Yes, rainbows figure prominently in many photographs.  And when looking at one via a telescope, some of the detail may be lost, but it is there so long as it is raining and the sun is refracting

2016-08-31 Rainbow visibility in Desert.:

Hi Prashant,    A rainbow can be seen anywhere, you need two ingredients, 1) the sun and 2) rain.  And yes, it even rains in the desert.  One of the most spectacular rainbows I have ever seen was in the

2016-08-30 Checking Temperature in Snow.:

Hi Prashant,    Snow, by virtue of being frozen water will generally have a constant temperature of just below 32 degrees F.  If the outside air is colder than this, then the Snow may exhibit similar temperatures

2016-08-30 Checking Temperature in Snow:

Yes,  one can check the temperature of any material.  A thermometer is perfect for measuring the temperature of snow or the air temperature of air while it is snowing. Temperature may also be recorded

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