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Azeem Hussain

I welcome your questions on algebra, 2D and 3D geometry, parabolic functions and conic sections, and any other mathematical queries you may have.

Scott A Wilson

I can answer whatever questions you ask except how to trisect an angle. The ones I can answer include constructing parallel lines, dividing a line into n sections, bisecting an angle, splitting an angle in half, and almost anything else that is done in geometry.

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2016-12-02 Geometry:

By taking 1 - 0.1x = √(1 - 0.16) cos(C) and moving the constants to the same side,  you get cos(C) = (1 - 0.1x)/√(1 - 0.16t).    Let t = x.    Squaring both sides gives cos(C) = (1 - 0

2016-11-20 Math Project Help:

Euler's formula was for complex numbers of the form x = a + bi,   where i=√(-1) and x is in radians.    The formula is in exponential and trigonometric notation.  It is e^(ix) = cos(x) + i*sin(x)

2016-11-02 Slope angle of a hexagonal prism:

Sorry about the delay, but my computer failed, so I had to get a new one.    Let's draw a graph such that the x-axis is on the bottom hexagon, one corner to an opposite corner.  Since they are all equal

2016-10-24 Like Terms:

Hi Mary,    When the exponents on a variable differ, they are not like terms.  They can not be brought together by adding or subtracting.  So 12x+10x cannot be simplified any further.    When you have

2016-10-18 Geometry and Algebra:

Hi Macie,    One of the great things about these formulas is they apply just the same when you have variable expressions.  So in your example,    A=bh/2  A=(18)(5x-12)/2  A=9(5x-12)    And that is as far

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