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Scott A Wilson

I can answer whatever questions you ask except how to trisect an angle. The ones I can answer include constructing parallel lines, dividing a line into n sections, bisecting an angle, splitting an angle in half, and almost anything else that is done in geometry.

Azeem Hussain

I welcome your questions on algebra, 2D and 3D geometry, parabolic functions and conic sections, and any other mathematical queries you may have.

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2016-10-18 Geometry and Algebra:

Hi Macie,    One of the great things about these formulas is they apply just the same when you have variable expressions.  So in your example,    A=bh/2  A=(18)(5x-12)/2  A=9(5x-12)    And that is as far

2016-10-17 Equation of Perpendicular Line:

Hi Gabrielle,    To find the equation of a line, you will need one point on the line and the slope.  The point P(3, -7) is given, so you need only find the slope.    Given a line in the form y=ax+b, a

2016-10-03 Ratios (I think):

Hi Jan,    Indeed, this is a ratio!  What we are looking at is the following:    Ratio = (small long side)/(Big long side) = (small short side)/(Big short side)    So if you have long sides measuring 11

2016-09-20 Angle and Triangles Question:

Hi Aishwarya,    Do not get discouraged!  These questions can be tough.  And don't let the word "prove" scare you.  One way to go about solving it is to try to get as much information as you can, figuring

2016-09-20 Angle Bisectors within a Triangle:

Hi Aishwarya,    The sum of the angles in a triangle equals 180 degrees.  You can subtract the angles at X and Y from 180 to find the angle at Z.    Angle bisectors divide the angles into two equal parts

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