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Sheila Adby

Syrian hamsters are my specialty, however, I have kept Campbells,Winter Whites and gerbils in the past. I can advise on most subjects associated with hamsters, including housing, bedding, feeding, handling, new borns and catching escapees. I have had some experience of various health problems with hamsters and can offer my opinion and advice on basic health issues, however I am not a qualified vet and therefore cannot recommend drugs etc. My website is

Nadia Vella

On Vacation
returns 10/25/2016
I can answer all kind of Hamster questions; including health, behaviour, recommendations and give you advice. I've been having hamsters for so many years and they are such a perfect pet for all those who love such creatures!! Check out The Best Hamster Club which is a fantastic hamster club for all hamster lovers!

I also wrote a hamster book which will help lots of hamster owners with all the hamster advice needed. Check out Hamster Club Guide Book - The Best Hamster Book. Also, do check out our fabulous Hamster Shop with lots of Hamster Gifts including hamster charms, hamster figurines, hamster erasers, hamster shirts and much more!

Feel free to email me anytime on

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2016-10-08 Dwarf Hamster:

Hi Michael    Thanks for your question.    It is true that in the wild dwarf hamsters live in colonies, however, there is no guarantee they get along OK.  In captivity I have kept them in groups, which

2016-09-05 Repeat escape hamster:

Hi Jinene    Sorry for not replying sooner.    The problem with hamsters is that they all want to escape!  I've known hamsters to climb up curtains or get through the tiniest of spaces. If you leave the

2016-09-01 Syrian Baby Hamster passed suddenly.:

Hi Kayla    I'm sorry to hear your story.  First of all, don't beat yourself up over this. Something things just happen.  All you can do is your best and make a decision at that moment in time.  With hindsight

2016-08-15 Gerbil:

Hi Adeline    I'm really sorry to hear about your gerbil.  I'm afraid I can't give you any advice other than to see a vet as this does sound serious, unless she's just cut her mouth somehow.  The sooner

2016-08-10 Hamster advive:

Hi Jinene    Some hamsters don't like going in the exercise ball or try to chew their way out. If mine do this I gently move it so that they start running in it again.  After a while they wedge the ball

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