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Gayle Gwozdz

My name is Gayle and I am an adult nurse practitioner (APRN)whose practice has focused on geriatrics in long term care facilities, evaluating and prescribing medications for medical and psychiatric conditions. I presently perform geriatric home assessments and physical exams in patients' homes. I can answer questions related to assisting adult children in keeping their parents at home, advising when a specialist should be consulted, advising if medications may be causing certain new problems that have arisen. Having cared for my dad with Alzheimer's for 14 years I am quite knowledgeable about what is normal and abnormal when it comes to this disease. I can help direct individuals to resources and support services that they may be unaware of. Lastly, I can make recommendations that can be brought back to the patient's doctor if he/she is willing to consider alternatives to the current treatment plan regarding a particular issue or medical problem.

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2017-02-21 Routine Exams:

Hi John,    Thank you for your question. For the most part (and according to what a health insurance will usually pay for) a true "physical exam" or P.E. is done on an annual basis. The exam should consist

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