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Henning Haarhaus

I can answer questions in English, German and French. Practice in inheritance law, tax, labour and contract law for private clients. Services also rendered in the fields of business & commercial law; e.g. business organizations, contracts, debt collections, leasing law. Representing clients all over Germany. NO CONSULTANCY ON FAMILY AND IMMIGRATION LAW.

Andreas Moser

Maxed Out
Extensive experience in international family law, especially international child abductions and child custody cases. All other areas of German law as well: constitutional law, criminal law, business and contract law, immigration law, inheritance law, and so on.

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2016-12-08 Marriage in Germany:

It would be much easier for both of you to fly to India, get married in India, and then apply for a residence permit for Germany.    Easy and legal.    In the EU, the easiest country to get married in

2016-12-03 Applying for citizenship during stay abroad:

Hello Marion,    you can avoid losing the permanent residence permit by returning to Germany at least once every 6 months.    But that won't mean that you are still a resident in Germany.    For residence

2016-12-01 asylum rejection but has appeal by by my law.but but want to get marry:

You can get married to your girlfriend if you can manage to do it in time before you would be deported.    Traditionally, the easiest place to get married in the EU is Denmark.    Based on your claim that

2016-11-19 German citizenship application with previous stays:

Hello Marco,    because the letter is basically promising you that you will receive German citizenship in June 2017, I wouldn't argue the point about your previous stays. This argument (including a Widerspruchsverfahren)

2016-11-12 question on deduction of alimoney from german taxes:

Child support is not tax deductible if the paying parent claims for a tax exemption for children (Kinderfreibetrag) or if he receives child allowances for the child (Kindergeld). For parents of older children

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