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Andreas Moser

Extensive experience in international family law, especially international child abductions and child custody cases. All other areas of German law as well: constitutional law, criminal law, business and contract law, immigration law, inheritance law, and so on.

Henning Haarhaus

I can answer questions in English, German and French. Practice in inheritance law, tax, labour and contract law for private clients. Services also rendered in the fields of business & commercial law; e.g. business organizations, contracts, debt collections, leasing law. Representing clients all over Germany. NO CONSULTANCY ON FAMILY AND IMMIGRATION LAW.

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2016-10-26 Child visitation rights.:

Dear Simon,    like you, I don't see any reason to stop the flights to the UK. They have been going on for a long time, so your son is used to them. And even if your son has been diagnosed with medical

2016-10-18 German Passport for non-EU citizens:

Hello Sami,    no, there is really no chance to obtain German citizenship by naturalization before you have fulfilled 6 years of residence (unless you are married to a German).    I hope that the remaining

2016-09-23 Documents for ius sanguinis:

Dear Tyler,    these applications sometimes take years.    There is a huge backlog at the moment because many British with German ancestors are filing after the Brexit decision: https://andreasmoser.wordpress

2016-09-15 "Quellensteuer für Steuerausländer":

German national tax law does not provide any regulations in regard to "Quellensteuer". However, the German Korean Double Taxation Agreement stipulates the following in Art 12 concerning license fees. I

2016-09-11 StAngRegG and Citizenship by Descent:

Dear Adam,    that is a rather peculiar case indeed.    § 9 I StAngRegG indeed does not refer to the requirement to waive your pre-existing citizenship, as is normally required for naturalization as a

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