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All about Munich (München) and the state of Bavaria (Bayern), related cities and towns, culture, history, travel highlights and assistance, also up-to-date information and about future events like Oktoberfest 2007, exhibitions, fairs or concerts... Any question generally about Germany or Europe too.


I live in Germany, so I am really at the source of politics and culture. You can ask me about entertainment, pop culture, politics of the day, general culture. I am also interested in German history, especially the time after 1945, i.e. the evolution of modern Germany, the division in Western and Eastern Germany, the fall of the Berlin wall. If you're wondering why some things are the way they are in Germany, don't hesitate to ask me, and I will try to give you a helpful answer.

Andreas Moser

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returns 10/14/2016
German history, politics, law, business, culture, everyday life.

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2016-07-10 Ruendorf Germany:

.... Bamberg I think.    >>>

2016-07-08 Ruendorf Germany:

Hi, this information is very easy to find on the internet, recherché! ...use Google-translator if necessary. Zooming in to Google-Maps will show current places with the web-links.    http://www.frensdorf

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