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Darleen Claire Wodzenski, MS ESE, MA CMHC, PhD Candidate

Gifted children require a bit more creativity and flexibility when it comes to parenting, education and child rearing. Please ask questions pertaining to parenting, self-esteem and body issues, relationships, social development, learning models and educational philosophies, family and sibling issues, dating, emotional development, self-harming, philosophy and spirituality, mental health, etc... My Brain-Based approach to raising and educating gifted learners reflects a blended philosophy that draws on graduate training and education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Exceptional Student Education, Ministerial Studies, and Neurophysiology. Perhaps most important is that I am a mother and grandmother who has raised a few gifted children in my time. I look forward to learning about your gifted and talented learner! Happy Parenting!

Faith A. Coleman MD

No questions are off-limits. My strengths are understanding what questioners are really trying to ask, knowing the right questions to get to useful answers, and putting complicated, subject-specific words and concepts into language accessible to lay-persons. The topic is fascinating and can be surprising, the opposite of what might logically seem expected of giftedness. I am skilled in identifying giftedness at any age, including very early in life.

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2017-02-14 Understanding CogAT ability profile:

Reena    What a lucky girl your DD is to have such a caring and insightful parent!    The CogAT is a useful tool to help identify children's abilities across certain domains. As you noticed, this test

2017-02-08 Telling a child he is gifted?:

So glad to know we have connected in a way to support your sweet child's learning, growth, and development. At our nonprofit, Orchard Human Services, we provide simple solutions to help schools and parents

2017-02-08 Telling a child he is gifted?:

Good morning, Peter    Congratulations on your wonderful son! He sounds delightful. And clearly, you are wonderful parents.    I especially love that you asked this question. This shows the level of responsibility

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