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Cheryl K. Smith

Goat Health Care; basic goat management. Author of Goat Health Care (2009) and Raising Goats for Dummies (2010)

Donna Ruelas-Semasko/Edelweiss Acres

All goat health care, nutrition, judging questions about all goats - packgoats, dairy goats, pygmy goats, meat goats, fleece goats.


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returns 10/30/2016
Specializing in New Goat Owner understanding of goat physiology, goat anatomy, goat care and herd management. *I am not a veterinarian, any advice and information should be verified by your veterinarian before administering to your goats. (! During times of severe weather in the Midwest, I may experience a delay in internet service due to the interference of the satellite reception - but will answer your questions as soon as service is restored. !) Note: Keep in mind, the goat expert is volunteering her time to help other goat owners, she also runs her farm with her own herd of 100 goats and may not be at her computer at all hours. Questions are answered as soon as she can possibly read and answer them, usually within 24 hours.

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2016-10-16 Goat acting aggressive and crying a lot:

Nora,    I am obviously not using my head. It is breeding season, so you may be right. She is in heat. It is every three weeks and lasts for one to 3 days. No, it would not be a whole season. The does

2016-10-16 CL:

Hi there - Yes, would definitely take away the kids as soon as they are born.  That should keep the kids safe.  I usually don't worry about keeping a CL positive goat in with others as long as the abscesses

2016-10-14 Goat acting aggressive and crying a lot:

Norao  I thought you had said you got her in June. If so, there is a chance she could be pregnant. That is why I wondered if she was getting an udder. Anyway, that is probably not related to her behavior

2016-10-14 Goat acting aggressive and crying a lot:

A couple of ideas. Is there anyway to fence off part of your barn so they can be near but she cannot get to them? Do you just have one hay feeder (I notice you said you scatter it around -- goats should

2016-10-12 CL:

From what I have read there has to be an open wound on a goat to get the contagion transferred to.  So if a goat 50 miles away has an outside abscess and a fly gets some of the CL on it and then the fly

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