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Specializing in New Goat Owner understanding of goat physiology, goat anatomy, goat care and herd management. *I am not a veterinarian, any advice and information should be verified by your veterinarian before administering to your goats. (! During times of severe weather in the Midwest, I may experience a delay in internet service due to the interference of the satellite reception - but will answer your questions as soon as service is restored. !) Note: Keep in mind, the goat expert is volunteering her time to help other goat owners, she also runs her farm with her own herd of 100 goats and may not be at her computer at all hours. Questions are answered as soon as she can possibly read and answer them, usually within 24 hours.

Cheryl K. Smith

Goat Health Care; basic goat management. Author of Goat Health Care (2009) and Raising Goats for Dummies (2010)

Donna Ruelas-Semasko/Edelweiss Acres

All goat health care, nutrition, judging questions about all goats - packgoats, dairy goats, pygmy goats, meat goats, fleece goats.

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2017-01-23 My year old Pygmy doe can't stand:

Once you have crushed and dissolved them in a little water you orally drench the mixture. you can use an oral drencher or a small syringe to draw up the liquid and give orally.  tip the head up a little

2017-01-22 My year old Pygmy doe can't stand:

Sounds like they injured here back or pelvic area. This could be ligament or bone or nerve issue. Would keep her in small area. Would also start her on vitamin b complex and human aspirin at one 325 mg

2017-01-22 Pygmy goat constipated?:

So nice to hear.  Unfortunately any goat chow has generally the incorrect calcium:phosphorus ratio for bucks and wethers. Needs to be 3:1 to keep urinary calculi away.  Unfortunately labels don't always

2017-01-22 Pygmy goat constipated?:

Is that purina dairy goat chow?  Is he on alfalfa hay?  Since it is many times difficult to tell whether it is urinary calculi or constipation, I advise treating for both. As per above dosings would proceed

2017-01-22 Pygmy goat constipated?:

What is his regular diet?  This could either be from urinary calculi or constipation.  Have you seen him pee?  For possible urinary calculi dosing is 1 cup of concentrated lemon juice per 50 pounds body

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