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Adam Holtzapple

Questions about the basic of design. Use of line, form, shape, value, color, composition. Basically any layout + color questions. Also any questions about typography: appropriate fonts, font sizes, leading, kerning, etc.

steve caprio

I can answer just about anything regarding design. logos, print, large format, web, etc.

Christopher Quereau

Owner of a Creative Services firm in Northern New York. Available for questions relating to the business of design, client relations, billing, design startups, employee management, production, brand and print development.

Patti Glenn

I can answer questions about InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, Dreamweaver and Flash (some actionscript). I understand color theory, layout and design principles and typography. Additionally, I can address concerns involving project managment, proposals, and working with contractors (not too much on legal issues though). I can answer questions on both web (CSS, AJAX and XHTML) and print design/production.


All about graphic design and digital art,Photography, working with colors, CMYK and RGB color management in printing process and etc.

Saul Fineman

As a freelance graphic designer/marketing consultant for over 25 years, I have extensive experience in branding, marketing, and the conceptualization and production of all types of printed materials. This would include everything from logo design, packaging, ads, collateral, exhibit booth design, and much more. I also work on web site design conceptualization (but not the technical implementation). I have been an avid user of all things Mac since 1985 and work with programs such as Photoshop, QuarkXPress, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, etc...

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2016-09-24 Making back cover:

Well, Word is not easy to use, but entirely possible for this purpose. You will need to use text boxes and position them free from the flow of the page.    You can set your document size (if this this

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HI Demetrius,    I will answer the two-parts of your question:  1.  Yes, It's a convention for book layout to start the first chapter on the right facing page, and to follow suit with subsequent chapters

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