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Chucki DeSantis

I can answer questions regarding personality traits, talents and abilities, character, state of mind, mental and to some degree, physical health. I can answer questions about intelligence, compatibility with another person, honesty or deceptiveness. I can not answer or determine a writer's age, race, sexual identity,religious affiliation, guilt or innocence in a particular crime (except in cases of forgery), although I can determine the likelihood of writer's being capable of committing a crime.

Scott Petullo

On Vacation
returns 04/14/2017
Please note: I DON'T DO FREE ANALYSES HERE. That means if you ask for something my clients pay for, your question will be rejected.

I'm happy to answer general graphology (handwriting analysis) questions, as well as questions about, for example, the meaning of a particular handwriting analysis consideration. For instance, you might ask, "What could it mean when the slant of the writing slants far to the right (if it is supported by the other indicators)?" Or, you might ask, "What might very wide word spacing, along with very small writing indicate (if it is supported by the other considerations)?"

Although Iím willing to impart information about recognized meanings of individual indicators such as narrow line spacing, heavy pressure, left-trend strokes, far left slant, lower-zone emphasis, angular writing, good overall organization and movement, etc., please consider the following: Accuracy in graphology demands that the context of the entire writing sample (at least a 1/2 page of handwriting is best) be considered and that all individual aspects and parts of the script must be interpreted independently and then built into a complete picture describing the personality. The collective body of considerations in a handwriting sample either supports or .....

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