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Doug Adams, Ph.D.

I am willing to answer questions in all areas of sexuality. I have been giving advice to both males and females for over 11 years, and in that time I have answered thousands of questions. I advocate taking healthy practices into account in engaging sexually.

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2015-01-16 porn in the marital bed:

The problem with porn seems to be the habitual use of it.  I don't see a problem with watching a movie and trying to act it out.  You might find that fun and arousing.  If you really don't like it, tell

2015-01-13 oral sex:

You are pretty young and pretty newly married, and also new to sexual functioning, as is your wife.  You should expect that there will be a learning curve as you develop new sexual interests and learn

2015-01-04 Bruising during sex:

That is a serious accusation to make.  You obviously need more evidence than that.  People get bruised all the time that they can't remember how it happened.  If it didn't bleed or really hurt, someone

2014-12-30 Bruising during sex:

Rough sex can easily cause bruising.  She sure seems to enjoy cowgirl.  I'm not sure why you think the bruise is unexplained when you explained so well how she got it.  I think many of the people who read

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