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Doug Adams, Ph.D.

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returns 11/28/2015
I am willing to answer questions in all areas of sexuality. I have been giving advice to both males and females for over 13 years, and in that time I have answered thousands of questions. I advocate taking healthy practices into account in engaging sexually.

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2015-10-12 sex with a whore:

I advise against sex with prostitutes.  They are a source of disease and sexual problems.  They won't help you with anything.  There was probably no problem with either of your anatomy.  The most likely

2015-09-05 decreased libido:

This is outside of my expertise.  I am not a medical doctor.  I suggest you consult with your own doctor about anything pharmaceutical that you might want to take.  If you really want to consult with someone

2015-08-28 Hymen:

If your doctor told you that your hymen is intact, then that is probably all you need to know.  Maybe next time you could ask her to show you the hymen with a mirror.  Even if you could see it, you certainly

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