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Tom Blair

Sex Coaching. A publisshed author. I am comfortable answering questions dealing with most areas of sex.

Doug Adams, Ph.D.

I am willing to answer questions in all areas of sexuality. I have been giving advice to both males and females for over 11 years, and in that time I have answered thousands of questions. I advocate taking healthy practices into account in engaging sexually.

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2014-03-30 Is casual sex worthwhile?:

I'm neither in favor nor against casual sex, but I think it's better if you're having sex with someone in order to build a relationship with them instead of just having sex for the sake of it.  Casual

2014-03-25 still can't seem to enjoy it:

Four times isn't so many.  Take your time and learn to enjoy it.  I would seriously recommend trying one or more sexual lubes.  Lubes made especially for women would be most helpful to you.  Many people

2014-02-11 Women & orgasms.:

Don't base your opinions on porn.  Porn isn't real.  It's movie.  It's special effects.      Some women claim they ejaculate, but most scientists doubt that female ejaculation is a real thing.  Many women

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