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Roger Ellman

Crete, Santorini, Peloponnese, Athens....Greece. If you have special questions about visiting Greece. Anything from fact to opinion about visiting!


About travels mainly in Macedonia (Northern Greece)or other places in the Greek territory. I can answer questions about the sites, traditions or the cuisine of the area, directions how to get to a location, about extreme sports (canyoning, rafting) To inform you about your transportation in Greece. If you need Information from someone who lives in Greece...

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2016-09-29 Atens to Delphi, Delphi to Kalambaca:

Hello Pilar,  I am glad that I helped.    Of course you can go to Lamia and then to kalambaka. (Somehow I thought you had booked a hotel in Athens and you wanted to do daily trips or something like this)

2016-09-22 Transport:

Hello Marea,     Sorry for the delay to answer your question, I had answered a similar question and I thought it was a double question.     Anyway, you are coming to Greece where everything is possible!!

2016-09-13 Delphi to Kalambaca:

Hello Pilar,    You can do Kalabaka and Delphi in two days (although I donít find it a good idea).  From Delphi you can travel to Athens  the afternoon and then from Athens to travel to Kalabaka.    Delphi

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