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Michael Barkas

I provide assistance in linguistic, literary topics of Greek and Latin covering, thus, the following fields: translation, grammar, syntax, vocabulary, etymology, morphology, semantics and interpretations etc.


I'll be glad to answer any questions concerning ANCIENT GREEK. So, do not ask me please questions regarding MODERN GREEK as it is different from Ancient Greek either in spelling/meaning or in pronunciation.

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2016-11-28 Translation of "Summa Contra Gentiles":

Hello,    the Greek scholar who translated Saint Thomas Aquinas work  “Summa contra Gentiles”(Tractate against the Pagans) and part of the "Summa Theologiae “ (Compendium of Theology) into Greek was Demetrius

2016-11-20 Phrase Definition:

Hello,    Actually we find  the masculine noun ὡροκράτωρ (in small letters) or  ΩΡΟΚΡΑΤΩΡ  (in capital letters)

2016-10-28 Eucharist. ..:

Hello,    the early church would have said  "eucharisteîn”  (ancient Greek εὐχαριστεῖν  meaning “to thank”), not “ephcharistein”, because the early

2016-10-06 Doric Greek Translation For Spartan:

Hi Gabe,    Λακεδαιμόνιος is a standard word for Spartan. The word Σπαρτιάτης (Spartan)

2016-09-06 How to write "never give up" in doric greek:

Hello Rene,    the text is in:     UPPERCASE (original): ΜΗΠΟΘΥΠΕΙΚΕ  lowercase (Alexandrine): μήποθ΄ ὕπε

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