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Michael Barkas

I provide assistance in linguistic, literary topics of Greek and Latin covering, thus, the following fields: translation, grammar, syntax, vocabulary, etymology, morphology, semantics and interpretations etc.


I'll be glad to answer any questions concerning ANCIENT GREEK. So, do not ask me please questions regarding MODERN GREEK as it is different from Ancient Greek either in spelling/meaning or in pronunciation.

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2017-02-25 Are people overthinking the line, "wine-dark sea"?:

Hello,    it is just acceptable to think  that Homer  meant that the sea was dark, especially since  he uses the epithet οἶνοψ (transliterated as “óinops”) either for the sea

2017-01-06 Biblical question:

Hello Ivy,    your point becomes clearer to me now. The "veil" idea is, of course, a cultural element because having your head covered those times must have implied directly - and in that context - the

2017-01-05 verbs turned to nouns:

Hello Ivy,    your example is actually not representative of the word formation you describe. It is "covering" that comes from "cover" and not vice-versa. Examples of the so-called denominal and deadjectival

2017-01-02 Alchemy:

Hi Jim,  thank you for your question. For this you need a specialist in palaeography, which I am unfortunately not. It looks like it describes the parts of a mechanism, but these might also be invented

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