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Don Battales

jalapeno pepper growing in North Thailand

Catherine Abbott

I am confident I can answer any questions about planting, growing and harvesting vegetables and culinary herbs. I am very knowledgeable and experienced in garden site planning and design, propagating, soil preparation, transplanting, pest control, disease management, watering, fertilizing, and composting.

Invisible Gardener

Any question on natural pest and disease control, composting, cultural .

Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisinger

I can answer questions about natural gardening. We refer to our type of gardening as Orthodox organic. We do not use chemicals of any kind for pest control or plant growth. I can offer information regarding the growth of herbs and spices, as well. I can also share some canning and freezing tips for enjoying home grown vegetables year round. Growing vegetables provides healthy benefits for the body and the mind.

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2016-11-07 Unknown Veggies:

Riggiez,    They look like they are both edible.  The round yellow one is a summer squash, similar to a zucchini in texture.  I would peel it and cook in a stir fry or in soup.   The other one also looks

2016-09-21 Rototilling:

Hi Ian,  Sorry I have not replied sooner.  When composting it is best to have an even mix of green and brown matter as well as proper moisture.  The mix of materials will keep the smell down, flies away

2016-08-25 Growing vegetables:

Andrew,    I have never used molasses in my water when growing vegetables, so I do not know if it would work or not.  I feed my soil using organic fertilizers and amendments.  I dig or till these in just

2016-07-02 All year cropping of tomatoes using green house:

Laurie,    I do not have any specific site or book that could give you blueprint on growing.   When planning to grow for sale the first thing I would recommend is doing market research on who is your market

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