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Pat VanAllen

As is sometimes the case, people in urgent need of information have a higher degree of expectation than those of us as experts are able to give. The experts on this site do their best to give the most accurate and responsible answers possible. We ask that you remember that it is not our intention nor place to criticize the professional advice given by your veterinarian, nor is it appropriate for us to comment on the correctness of a diagnosis made by a licensed physician. Our knowledge is experience based. Although many years of breeding and showing cavies gives me a wealth of experience it cannot change the fact that we as experts are not veterinarians and therefore may occasionally have to reject questions that appear to be asking us to criticize advice given by the licensed professional. Having raised and exhibited cavies for many years I have extensive experience in cavy care and husbandry. I currently have an active breeding program for pedigreed show animals but do not encourage backyard breeding for inexperienced owners. Although I don't encourage breeding for fun I'm always happy to answer any questions from an owner who is in sincere need of help. Pet .....

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2017-03-06 Is she ok?:

She may have dislocated her shoulder or hip in the fall. She is obviously in pain. Give her some time and do not try to lift her or move her. If it's just bruising it will get better. If she is still that

2017-02-10 Post partum guinea pig behavior:

I'm glad to hear the babies are doing well. Yes, the Adams Dip says for dogs and cats, but we've been using it for years. It's made from Pyrethrins, which are food based products, and are safe to use on

2017-02-01 Convince My Mom?:

I understand your mother's apprehension about mice. They move fast and don't particularly like being handled. Guinea pigs are an entirely different matter. However, I don't think her issue is that she

2017-01-25 Post partum guinea pig behavior:

Your babies are precious.  Thank you so much for the picture. Now for a little FYI.  Your babies are Abyssinian (their breed) and their colors are as follows:  The two babies on the bottom picture, middle

2017-01-25 Post partum guinea pig behavior:

In all my years of raising cavies and the hundreds of litters I've had I have never been asked this before. There is no evidence that guinea pigs suffer post partum depression. That's a human condition

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