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Pat VanAllen

As is sometimes the case, people in urgent need of information have a higher degree of expectation than those of us as experts are able to give. The experts on this site do their best to give the most accurate and responsible answers possible. We ask that you remember that it is not our intention nor place to criticize the professional advice given by your veterinarian, nor is it appropriate for us to comment on the correctness of a diagnosis made by a licensed physician. Our knowledge is experience based. Although many years of breeding and showing cavies gives me a wealth of experience it cannot change the fact that we as experts are not veterinarians and therefore may occasionally have to reject questions that appear to be asking us to criticize advice given by the licensed professional. Having raised and exhibited cavies for many years I have extensive experience in cavy care and husbandry. I currently have an active breeding program for pedigreed show animals but do not encourage backyard breeding for inexperienced owners. Although I don't encourage breeding for fun I'm always happy to answer any questions from an owner who is in sincere need of help. Pet .....

K L Gardner

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returns 12/31/2016
I have hands on experience in caring for Rabbits and Rodents(including Guinea Pigs) for over 20 years, as well as pet store supervisory experience including overlooking the treatment of sick or injured animals. Rabbits and Guinea Pigs are my speciality. I have kept everything from Dwarf breeds to Continental Giant Rabbits and various varieties of Guinea Pig. I can give advice on husbandry, breeding, housing, diet, retail law, general buying your pet and what to look out for and health problems. I can also advise on bonding Rabbits and Guinea Pigs I do advise that if your pet has an ailment that your priority is veterinary help but i will answer questions where i can on pets undergoing treatment by a vet where a diagnoses has been issued. Ailments do need inspection by a trained vet to diagnose any health problems

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2016-11-29 small rough reoccuring bump on guinea pig's back:

What you are seeing is a sebaceous cyst. The white, thick stuff is made of oils and its purpose is to lubricate the skin. Sometimes the gland plugs up and the sebaceous material cannot be excreted out

2016-11-23 Eye infection:

I'm assuming you're talking about the black boar with the eye infection?  That was a few years back, but not the only eye infection I've dealt with. If possible, please send a picture of her eye so I can

2016-11-19 Guinea Pig hair loss:

First let me remind you it is not a bother.  That's what I'm here for.      To answer your question if mites can be transmitted to other pigs, absolutely. It is like a dog with fleas. If one of your dogs

2016-11-10 Guinea Pig hair loss:

Welcome back Evelyn.  What a cute little girl she is.    There are a couple of reasons she could be losing her hair. The first thing we think of is that the hair loss could be caused by mites, although

2016-11-02 GUINEA PIG ate hard plastic:

What you saw as she was chewing was her grinding it with the back teeth. As they bite down with the incisors in front, they push the smaller pieces to the back teeth with the tongue, and grind to small

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