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Ready to color your hair, and don't have a single clue on how to start? I will try my best to guide you in your new or old hair color venture, whether you are going to a professional or trying to do it yourself. If you are going to see a professional I can help by answering all questions regarding your initial consultation, what to say to your colorist, how to describe what your wishes are and we’ll talk about realistic expectations. Everything starts with a good conversation; learn how to discuss hair color in terms which make sense to a colorist.

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2016-10-01 Roots colour:

Ash,  Sorry for the delay. I have been traveling , and didn't see this. In truth, I would consider a professional tube color. While the box dyes make claims that they will last several weeks, nothing is

2016-09-20 Hair color faded. What now?:

Hi Alison,    We use 10v for deposit only, but you need to be at least less than 50% gray. Anything after that, we recommend 20v for total coverage, and sometimes it does give you a slight lift, depending

2016-09-13 Hair color faded. What now?:

Hi Alison    Off the shelf colors are nowhere as good as what we use in salons. While both of these products promise to deliver what we do, it just isn't always the case. I suggest you go to a Sally's

2016-09-08 Hair color faded. What now?:

Hi Alison    I would be first curious as to what product you are using. It sounds to me like you are using a non-ammonia color. If that is the case, just switch to a permanent color. Pick a shade and level

2016-09-06 First Time Hair Color Advice?:

Cassie    I am blown away by your letter. So in depth and precise beyond any request I have ever read. You sound more like a colorist than anyone I have ever engaged on here. For that, you get the grand

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