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Michael S. Fisher, Ph.D., M.D.

published over 50 articles on the subject.

Peter J. Panagotacos, M.D.

I have 30 years experience in the field of medical and surgical Hair Restoration and am Board Certified in Dermatology and Hair Restoration Surgery.

John Nikolaou

Questions Pertaining to Hair Loss; Hair Growth Rates; Unwanted Hair and most Hair related issues, for both men and women. Issues that pertain to causes, possible solutions, etc.

Melanie Vonzabuesnig

Female hair loss is my main focus. Women today are very susceptible to several types of hair loss including telogen effluvium, alopecia areata, and androgenetic alopecia. I can answer questions about the causes and types of female hair loss. I can share information about natural holistic remedies to improve female hair loss conditions.

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2016-12-01 Hair loss:

The normal growth cycle of hairs are the active Anagen growth phase which is 1 cm / month for about 4 to 6 years then the Catagen phase where the hair stops growing lasting  26 weeks and finally the Telogen

2016-11-27 Propecia/Prosar:

No, I have not see loss due to taking more finasteride. I think the reason there are reports of increased loss in the first month when taking finasteride or use of minoxidil is that patients expect hair

2016-11-27 Propecia/Prosar:

People think that just because they are on finasteride all hair loss will stop. In the studies done for the FDA they found 85% stopped losing hair but that means there are 15% who will continue to lose

2016-11-26 Please help Continued hair loss after using 5% Minoxidil for 4 months:

The medications you are on are the ones I would consider best for treating Androgenetic Alopecia in womne.  Cyproterone Acetate and Spironolactone are the best medications in blocking the Testosterone

2016-11-24 Alopecia areata regrowth:

Alopecia Areata is unpredictable in how it will behave. You have developed an allergic reaction to your own hairs and are rejecting them. The cortisone injections are a way of blocking that reaction until

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