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Don Orlando

25 years experience in all aspects of hair color. I am the Color Director at a well known NYC salon. Member of the American Board Certified Hair Colorists. I will try to answer any and all questions pertaining to hair color and hair color correction in a direct and timely fashion.


I have been a Licensed cosmetologist in New York state for over 26 years, and am well versed in many areas of the cosmetology and appearance enhancement profession.Specialties however, are hair colour, corrective colour and permanent waving,including the chemical and technical aspects of these services and their effects on the hair.I`m glad to consult on any problems you are having concerning your hair.If I don`t have the answer, I`ll try to get it for you.

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2017-03-04 Hair texture:

Rachel,    Although I have seen this type of thing happen many times, I must apologize, as I have no idea why.  Often Chemotherapy is the culprit, but I will assume that that is not a factor here. It is

2017-02-11 Can i permanently curl my hair right after rebonding? I want my hair to look pretty when i curl it. Is it okay? Or it will just damagrd my hair?:

Sim,    I must say that I am always confused when someone wants to perm there hair after just having it permanently straightened. That said, as long as your hair is not damaged, it can be permed for whatever

2017-02-01 Color/bleach on level 5:

Jeanne,     The first thing your client will have to understand is that unfortunately, we cannot fully reproduce the look of natural grey salt and pepper hair. Judge Gorsuch is heavily grey. I will assume

2017-01-23 Hair cuticle blown open:

In truth, most professional product lines are decent.  For the protein reconstructor you want a liquid that you can dry into the hair. Then just rinse lightly and towel dry before applying moisturizing

2017-01-21 Hair cuticle blown open:

Nicole,    It's not a matter of your hair not liking bleach. Our hair was over processed. Once hair is damaged like that it really can't be repaired. You can make it a bit stronger.    A protein re-constructor

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