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I have been a Licensed cosmetologist in New York state for over 26 years, and am well versed in many areas of the cosmetology and appearance enhancement profession.Specialties however, are hair colour, corrective colour and permanent waving,including the chemical and technical aspects of these services and their effects on the hair.I`m glad to consult on any problems you are having concerning your hair.If I don`t have the answer, I`ll try to get it for you.

Don Orlando

25 years experience in all aspects of hair color. I am the Color Director at a well known NYC salon. Member of the American Board Certified Hair Colorists. I will try to answer any and all questions pertaining to hair color and hair color correction in a direct and timely fashion.

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2016-07-22 razor cuts:

Jon,    All you need to do is bring the picture to your stylist. If you have to tell them HOW to cut it, you're going to the wrong person.    For this style you'll want to start with gel or mousse on damp

2016-07-22 perm before anestesthsia:

Mariann,    It sounds like your stylists knows what she is doing. A protein  treatment and protein spray are often not indicated. In fact, in many cases, the excess protein actually makes the hair more

2016-06-30 shade of hair color question:

Katie,    Rather than trying to name a color for something like this, i usually suggest comparing the color swatches of blonds and blues against your skin. There are sleays sample swatches to demonstrate

2016-06-25 Texturizer to Relaxer:

Jerilyn,    If you would prefer straight hair then a relaxer would do that for you. Just be sure that you ate going to someone who is experienced with doing hair relaxing, otherwise you could indeed end

2016-06-20 Hair4 after anesthesia:

Marie,    It's not unusual for hair to react to the anesthesia after surgery. However, that usually returns to normal in a few months. I have a feeling that this is just natural changes that often occur

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