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I have been a Licensed cosmetologist in New York state for over 26 years, and am well versed in many areas of the cosmetology and appearance enhancement profession.Specialties however, are hair colour, corrective colour and permanent waving,including the chemical and technical aspects of these services and their effects on the hair.I`m glad to consult on any problems you are having concerning your hair.If I don`t have the answer, I`ll try to get it for you.

Don Orlando

25 years experience in all aspects of hair color. I am the Color Director at a well known NYC salon. Member of the American Board Certified Hair Colorists. I will try to answer any and all questions pertaining to hair color and hair color correction in a direct and timely fashion.

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2016-11-12 Hair damage from anastesia:

Stephanie,    First of all, glad you're on the mend. There are often hair issues after anesthesia, but this doesn't sound like that. Usually when issues are confined to specific areas rather than throughout

2016-11-09 hair rebond:

Glen,    There are no side effects of rebonding on a 14 year old boy.  What you do have to keep in mind is that it can be a lengthy service,  taking a couple hours or more to do.  Also, if it is not done

2016-09-16 Bleach starting to burn badly:

Mason,    I am not an advocate of anything that speeds up the process, as it usually increases the irritation as well.     I would definitely suggest getting away from full head bleach. A heavy foiling

2016-09-15 Bleach starting to burn badly:

Mason,     Firstly, I hope your colorist is using 30 and not something higher to get the lift you want from your natural level, or worse yet, processing your lightener under a dryer or other heat source

2016-09-13 PERM FAILURE:

First of all, I fully understand the time constraint when working with an elderly client. As long as the hair is in good condition, you can redo the perm at any time. To account for the time constraint

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