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I can answer questions about server hardware RAID and general storage for servers and PC's - hard drive issues, troubleshooting, advice, specs, and information. While some apparent drive/RAID array failures can be recovered, I can only provide advice/recommendations in the event of catastrophic data loss. I don't assist in actually recovering from this type of data loss on this forum.

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2016-10-16 Query re pc repair:

Hi Geoff!    There is no "regulation" in the US for computer repair either. Yelp can be a big help ... the way it works prevents them from mass-spamming the site with fake reviews, so even if there fake

2016-09-22 Drives:

No, external hard drives are made with the exact same drives as many computers, so their chance of failure is equal too those internal drives.    Solid State Drives exist that have eliminated the moving

2016-09-08 Hard Drive Security:

Hi Shahan!    The only real way to know is to have kept an inventory of what was in the system before and compare it to what is in the system now. Something like Belarc Advisor, CPUz, or CrystalDisk, etc

2016-08-12 p.c lockout:

Hi Randy!    Unless you do it yourself, you will eventually have to trust someone to do it. Do some research before you go and make sure they have a good BBB score and good reviews.    Yes, everything

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