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Dr. Jalukar

I can answer the questions regarding herbal products, herbal ingredients, Ayurvedic medicine, Panchakarma. Specially focused on memory, brain functions and weight management.

Jayne Boyle

I am an herbalist for 27 years. I see clients for nutrtional consulting and support on herbal programs. I can answer questions on herbs to take for paciticular ailments. I have a web site where I post articles on herbs and holistic health. I carry a line of teas and products that support one on their journey to health.

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2016-10-15 PMS:

Why don't you add 5htp to you program. For sore throat add ehinacea golden seal combo . Your system should be a alkaline too. So what is diet like . Eat mostly veggies no red meat for a while at least

2016-09-02 supplements 2:

I use the bulk tea. I cut the 2 gallon packet in half to make one gallon. I am presently doing just that.   A gallon last me 2 weeks. I will use the 2nd gallon up right after. Then I will detox again in

2016-09-01 supplements 2:

Hi Ed,    I'm not a fan of proprietary blends. I've never tried this particular formula or brand.    Personally, I'd go the route of 4-herb detox tea from the Herbal Healer Academy. You can    order the

2016-09-01 supplements:

I should have gone through your list, Ed.    Yes, you can take too many supplements. It has difficult to determine what works synergestically.    I tend to stick with full spectrum supplements instead

2016-08-30 supplements:

Hi Ed,    You are certainly taking enough supplements related to your concerns. Exercise is going to be  very beneficial for your health concerns.     Cleansing the liver and the kidneys would also help

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