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Beuna Tomalino

I specialize in teaching others to grow their own food including herbs, organic gardening, vegetable growing, fruit growing, container plants, edible landscaping, and unusual edible plants. Author of What About Herbs? - available for Kindle and Nook. Organic Gardener for 20+ years. Square Foot Gardener for 20+ years. Owner of Garden Inspire.

Leroy J. Wilton

I have been growing herbs organically for 27 years. I have also written and self-published a book, "Herbman`s Journal".144+ pages of herbs that I have grown. Photo & short profile at the Smile Herb Shop on "you tube".Sign in "The healing herbs part 3A & 3B". My face book "the Herbman" You can request it from my e-mail.It is $28.95 with free shipping. 5517 Nome Ave., Balto..Md.21215. It is loose -leaf. A free "Herbman" t-shirt included while they last(large,X-large).It covers many names of herbs that I have grown, such as culantro,shadow bennie, recao de monte & 97 other names.

Jonathan Alderson

I cannot answer anything about preserving herbs and the time to harvest if its at years end but know when to harvest during the active period and how to do it and use them.

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2016-10-05 Lavender:

Pat;  From the top down, prune 1/3 of each branch.Add powder lime to the soil as wide as the plant and rake into soil. Do this once a year. Prune it during the spring and summer the same way. It will produce

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