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Rose Brailey

Through-out junior high and high school I gained experience with many high school sports that I can answer questions about. My expertise would be track and cross country as I not only ran those, but am now coaching them and would know much more about rules and technical things. I can answer questions about swimming and diving, more-so swimming. I can answer questions about tennis, volleyball, and basketball. I have basic knowledge of softball. Don't ask me questions about football, wrestling, or golf, as I'll be useless. I know the basics of cheerleading and soccer, but there would be better experts to ask.


I can answer anything about High school Cross-country and Track (aside from shoes, namely brands of shoes). I can answer some questions about other High school sports, but they will take slightly longer to answer, and they probably won't be as in-depth. However, I will try to answer every question I get.

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