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William Schindler, a.k.a. Brother William

I can answer questions about Vedanta philosophy, Patanjali Yoga philosophy and practice, Tantra, Bhagavad-Gita, Upanishads, Vivekachudamani (Shankara`s Crest-jewel of Spritual Discrimination), Advaita (non-dualism), the Ramakrishna-Vivekananda tradition, Goddess worship, meditation practice, Hindu monasticism (sannyasa), and Sanskrit.

Dr Awdhesh K Singh

Life is a mystery. One who tries to understand life purely on logic and reason fails as there is an Omnipresent Spirit that connects all. I have written more than 400 articles and papers on various forums dealing with life. The purpose of life is to know the world and its mysery. We must know the mind of God and that is the only way to become one with God and achieve salvation, liberation or Nirvana. I have authored a book titled "Practising Spiritual Intelligence for Innovation, Leadership and Happiness" which is one of the most popular books in India in several categories. You can read my articles, stories, commentaries and poems on


A monk of the Ramakrishna Order.

Raja Subramaniyan

Explanation based on Vedanta / Gita which will answer any questions on life leading to Joyful Living

Prof Swapan Garain

All aspects of Hindu religion and its relevance to modern life styles.

Swami Narasimhananda

Any question on the philosophy or practice of Hinduism and Vedanta.

Acharya V Shastri

Explanation based on Vedanta Ramayana / Mahabharata / Gita / Purana which will answer any questions on life leading to Joyful Living

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2015-03-24 Tattoos:

Steven    Temporary body painting during religious celebrations are seen to be acceptable practice. However tattoos were not in existence during olden days when religious scripts originated. Its a recent


Dear Lavanya,    Namaste.    Caste or varna was originally meant to be decided on the qualities and work of an individual. Due to corruption in society, it came to be decided on the basis of birth, which

2015-03-15 about this mantra:

Dear Dave,    Thank you for your follow-up question.    Ishwara/i has only his/her own being from which to create everything, as God/dess alone exists. That divine being is infinite and eternal and therefore

2015-03-15 Prarandh and free-will:

Dear Saumy,    Prarabdha is not pre-defined karma but the result of the actions performed by one in the past. But everyone has some freedom to choose what to do and that is what creates Prarabdha Karma

2015-03-14 marriage & caste:

Dear Iavanya,    Thank you for your question. I am very sorry to hear about the pain you and the man you love suffered due to caste traditions.    There is always a risk in opposing the values and traditions

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