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I can answer questions about; Recording Theory and hardware, advanced music theory and application, songwriting, industry level audio production / mixing / mastering, copyright, publishing, recording hardware and software, and musical instruction.

Wayne Tapia

Ask me general questions about Location Recording, foley, ADR, Pro Tools, recording musical performance, post production for film/video & music. Specific gear questions may or may not be answerable as I don't own or have not worked with everything out there.

The Doctor

I answer a variety of home recording related questions. I have multiple music degrees and years of experience in the field.

When asking your question:
1. Please be clear in your message.
2. Provide actual question(s).
3. Please keep it short and concise.
4. Save my one-question-per-day for someone else if you can find the answer on your own.

Please, *no* questions regarding: serial numbers, appraisals, pricing, value, restorations, or when a particular instrument or device was made. Thank you.

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2017-03-01 recording an upright piano:

Hank-    Thank you for the follow-up question.     Unfortunately again, you aren't giving me enough information to give you an accurate response.  An existing equipment list of what you already own, and

2017-02-23 recording an upright piano:

Hank-    Thank you for the question.     This is difficult because you specifically said you do not own any recording equipment. That means that any "pro audio" solution I give you won't be useful because

2017-02-06 Home recording resources:

Hello Tim-    Thank you for your question.     The single best resource you are going to have starting a successful home studio will be the John L Sayers Recording Forum located here:    http://johnlsayers

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