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I can answer some questions about how to do homeschooling, and what resources are available. I can talk about my experience homeschooling, and how children who have been homeschooled enter adulthood, and how they do.


Hello! I am an Indiana resident and able to answer questions specific to my state. I also utilize computers (both canned programs and internet) extensively, and the learning opportunities available in field trips.

MaryAnn F. Kohl

Creative art for children is my specialty (not curriculums in general, sorry). I am the author of twenty books on the subject ... books filled with art projects and art ideas. I would be happy to help think up projects for kids in particular areas of interest. Again, I am an expert in ART, but not really in "Crafts", and though I know how to make art work in a homeschooling environment, I am not a homeschool specialist. I`m happy to help. MaryAnn F. Kohl http://www,

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