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M A Khan

Any question regarding Home Theater Systems. What to buy? How to do the hookup and troubleshoot. (Only surround sound hook up please) Please note that I am not a technician. I do not do projectors.I also do not make suggestions on what to buy. When sending me questions, please make sure you provide me with as much information on your equipment as possible. I would like to know on each equipment you are connecting, if you have HDMI, Optical and or Digital Coaxial ports and how many. Do not forget to include make and model of your equipment......Thanks


Questions regarding HTPC integration to home theaters, and general purchasing advice regarding home theater and audio systems, including headphones. Please no car audio or over the top PA systems.

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2017-01-12 Wifi speakers:

Hello Nina,  Wireless works either Bluetooth or wifi.   If your TV has a RCA out. That is Red White and Yellow plugs. Then you can use Bluetooth transmitter and receiver adapter.   I tried attaching an

2016-12-31 Small TV:

It's not so much that "smaller TVs" create a "loss in audio" as it is the headphone outputs on TVs are generally not on-par with that of a hi-fi component (like a separate integrated amplifier or headphone

2016-12-29 Small TV:

Ah, that makes complete sense. I'm not sure if there's a separate "TVs only" category, but yes I will answer questions in the "Home Theater" section about TVs or displays if people ask them (I'm also in

2016-12-28 Small TV:

Sorry if this seems like a terse answer: do you have a more specific question about a piece of hardware? I'm not sure how to answer your question as-is - yes I can provide information about TVs and media

2016-12-27 Kenwood VR255 receiver:

Hello Steve,  I am not a technician, but my experience with Kenwood  VR255 is this,  The output stage of your receiver has a short causing it to go in a safe mode by shutting itself off.   You can not

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