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Sultan Mahmud

I can answer all questions regarding treatment of mental, emotional, and physical diseases by homeopathy.

Aryev P. Bhardwejj

I can answer any information type questions related to Homeopathy, Bach Flower Essences and Yoga Therapy. I often use all these modalities to address health issues in my practice. However it would not be possible for me to give a prescription based on such a limited interaction such as this forum.


On Vacation
returns 11/02/2016
I can answer questions about Homeopathy,Holistic Nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Ati Petrov DHHP, DIHom (Pract.)

On Vacation
returns 10/30/2016
I can answer questions about homeopathy, sequential treatment and heilkunst - who can be treated, what the treatment is for different ailments. German New Medicine can help you understand your symptoms as they relate to a particular emotional shock and can show you if you are still ill or already healing.

Dr.Parikshit Mahimkar

Questions those I can answer will be on: 1. Elderly Complaints 2. Lifestyle disorders 3. Children's Disorders 4. Acute Ailments like cough, influenza, etc. 5. Psychiatric/Mental Disorders 6. Auto-immune disorders 7. Skin Complaints 8. Digestive Disorders 9. Hormonal Disorders 10. Old-age Disorders, more.. 11. Sleep disorders

Dr. Prasad R. Chandragiri

Maxed Out
I can answer any question related to homeopathy and medicine in general. I can give information on Yoga and meditation, and some tips on naturopathy too. Being well aware of the scope and limitations about the various schools of medicine, I can guide the patients as to which therapeutic protocol would be ideal for them and I can also brief them about the probable diagnosis and prognosis for a particular case. Patients do not know that ancillary and auxiliary modes of treatment such as diet, regimen, and other non-medicinal procedures are vital in the long term treatment and prophylaxis of a particular disease. These details can also be provided to them by me.

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2016-10-24 Re mail:

Hello,        If your TSH was only borderline, I would not recommend taking the thyroid tablets. you might as well learn to do Yogasanas like Sarvangasana (Shoulder-stand), Halasana (Plough-pose), and

2016-10-23 mail:

Hello,        Please note that every person's body is different. So, you cannot compare yourself with other women, who may be older but still capable of conceiving easily. Stress may contribute to your

2016-10-20 Bladder cystitis:

Dear Vikas,          This may or may not be seminorrhea. I suggest that you collect this suspicious sample of urine and get it tested in the lab to find out. Anyway, after taking Thuja for 15 days,

2016-10-17 Parul | Knee Pain and Inflammation:

Hello,        Please try the following homeopathic treatment protocol:    Calcarea carbonica 200C, 5 drops in 2 teaspoons of water every Sunday night at bedtime, for a month.  Calcarea fluoricum 3X, 4

2016-10-16 Bladder cystitis:

Dear Vikas,          Please try taking Thuja occidentalis 30C, 4 pills thrice daily for 15 days. This is an excellent remedy for chronic cystitis. Also, continue to drink sufficient amounts of water

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