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Dr. Prasad R. Chandragiri

I can answer any question related to homeopathy and medicine in general. I can give information on Yoga and meditation, and some tips on naturopathy too. Being well aware of the scope and limitations about the various schools of medicine, I can guide the patients as to which therapeutic protocol would be ideal for them and I can also brief them about the probable diagnosis and prognosis for a particular case. Patients do not know that ancillary and auxiliary modes of treatment such as diet, regimen, and other non-medicinal procedures are vital in the long term treatment and prophylaxis of a particular disease. These details can also be provided to them by me.

Sultan Mahmud

I can answer all questions regarding treatment of mental, emotional, and physical diseases by homeopathy.


I can answer questions about Homeopathy,Holistic Nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Ati Petrov DHHP, DIHom (Pract.)

I can answer questions about homeopathy, sequential treatment and heilkunst - who can be treated, what the treatment is for different ailments. German New Medicine can help you understand your symptoms as they relate to a particular emotional shock and can show you if you are still ill or already healing.

Aryev P. Bhardwejj

I can answer any information type questions related to Homeopathy, Bach Flower Essences and Yoga Therapy. I often use all these modalities to address health issues in my practice. However it would not be possible for me to give a prescription based on such a limited interaction such as this forum.

Dr.Parikshit Mahimkar

Questions those I can answer will be on: 1. Elderly Complaints 2. Lifestyle disorders 3. Children's Disorders 4. Acute Ailments like cough, influenza, etc. 5. Psychiatric/Mental Disorders 6. Auto-immune disorders 7. Skin Complaints 8. Digestive Disorders 9. Hormonal Disorders 10. Old-age Disorders, more.. 11. Sleep disorders

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2017-02-22 Recurrent Bladder Carcinoma:

Hello,        Anilinum is indeed an almost specific homeopathic remedy for bladder carcinoma, and is therefore worth trying. I suggest that you take it in 30C potency, taking 3 drops in 2 teaspoons of

2017-02-15 Posterior tibial tendonitis in right leg:

Hello,        You are taking too many homeopathic medicines simultaneously. This is not advisable, as you will not know which one is really helping you. I suggest that you stop all these medicines and

2017-02-14 Hair baldness due to stress:

Dear Adnan you are welcome    First of all I would like to tell you that the basic principle for the administration of homeopathic remedies is “minimum dose”, especially in case of high potencies. Every

2017-02-10 premature Ejaculation:

Dear Yogendra,          Premature ejaculation is a learned phenomenon, which needs to be unlearned, and is often the consequence of anxiety and hurry. You should practice the start-stop-start technique

2017-01-31 Follow up for vitiligo:

Dear Alam,          I was trying to treat you constitutionally with Natrum muriaticum. I suggest that you continue with the prescribed medicines for another month. Please do not take Sulphur at present

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