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Richard Hern

I can answer many common garden center/greenhouse houseplant questions such as , proper care, propagation of, pest problems, identification, growing mediums, construction, etc. & many more..


I am knowledgeable and experienced (professionally) in the care of many different kinds of houseplants as well as the pests and diseases common to houseplants. I have had a lot of experience and success with most propagation techniques. I am also knowledgeable and experienced with artificial lighting for plants. I can answer questions about all aspects of 'indoor gardening'. Not only questions about growing foliage plants and starting seeds under artificial plant lighting but also questions about artificial plant light system set up, supplemental artificial lighting and cost. ~ I can help identify plants accurately ONLY if you submit a picture of the plant with your question.~

Will Creed

I am the only expert in this category with professional hands-on experience and knowledge of all indoor plants. I can answer questions regarding light, water, fertilizer, repotting, pruning and humidity and temperature requirements. I can identify plant pests and provide information on safe, effective treatments. My answers are based on 35 years of professional experience and scientific research and are clear and easy to understand. I do NOT use search engines to find answers to your questions. If you read my previous posts here, you will get a good idea as to how thorough and professional my answers are.

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2017-03-22 Phalaenopsis with no roots:

Hi Chris,    Orchid aficionados are notorious for getting over involved in technical minutia about their plants with complicated formulas for potting media, fertilizers, supplements and watering routines

2017-03-17 Re: mini jade plant:

Hi Mary,    The new-growth hormones of Jades, as well as most other plants, concentrates at the growing tip or end on each stem. Constant pinching out of new growth at the tips will sometimes help force

2017-03-17 Ponytail Palm:

Hi Elizabeth,    Mealybugs look like tiny bits of white cotton. They spread, but they don't appear to move. They thrive when the plant is under stress from changes in the environment - reduced light, poor

2017-03-13 Birds nest fern:

Hi Winona,    I don't know if you have read many of my posters here, but I am a firm advocate opposing unnecessary repotting. In fact, later this month I have a book due to be published titled, "Don't

2017-03-07 Yucca elephantipes, leaves curling downward:

Hi April,    Thank you for the photo. Your plant is definitely suffering from inadequate light. That is why the upper stems and new leaves are thin, weak and drooping. Yuccas have to be right in front

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