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Umesh Chaudhary

I prefer to answer question(s) related to Human Resource processes, career development and counseling.

Mark Eichinger

Any type of question related to domestic and international Human Resources work. My H.R. passions include Compensation design and systems in competitive markets, Health and Safety in Industrial Environments, Performance Management, Talent Management (Hiring, Selection, Employee Development, Compensation, Creating Space, etc.), Communications, Coaching, Counseling, Leadership, and Management. Questions I cannot answer: I am sure there are questions within these categories that I may not be able to answer but my experience below would suggest those would be few.

Brian Phillips

Foreign and US university students -*PLEASE*- DO NOT waste your time asking for my opinions, comments or analysis of your homework questions. Homework questions are not answered and are rejected. I am happy to help answer questions asked by employees and employers regarding United States based state and Federal wage and hour, OT, Fair labor standards, FMLA, COBRA, Recruiting, Interviewing techniques, employee manuals, discipline, terminations/quits, unemployment, HRIS rollout, Employee Leasing or Staffing company cost analysis, day to day scenarios, work situations and more. Essentially a well rounded HR generalist who operates Harvis, Inc., a human resource consulting and service business based in Northeastern Pennsylvania "NEPA".

Jim Dromsky

I can answer questions relating to Management/Executive recruitment, retention and development. How to's relating to Organizational Development, Training, Succession planning, Management assessment and when to go outside instead of promoting from within. Additionally, questions on performance based compensation incentives, employment law, harassment, etc.

Pankaj Bhargava

Questions related to choice of career, inter-personal issues at the workplace, performance management issues, structure issues, compensation structuring issues, culture building issues, linking HR with org. strategy


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2016-09-04 How long can my employer suspend me?:

James,    The company can suspend you or take you off the schedule any time.  There is no law which applies here.    What you can do is go apply for unemployment compensation to least cover some of your

2016-09-04 (White collar) job prospects will be how much affected by a att. 3rd degree burglary conviction?:

Natasha  You obviously did not appreciate the bluntness of my earlier answer. I dont need or want the details of the situation.  You asked what effect his situation would have on employment prospects

2016-09-01 (White collar) job prospects will be how much affected by a att. 3rd degree burglary conviction?:

Natasha  It obviously wont help prospects.  If the issue is as simple as you indicate, a good lawyer could potentially get it expunged from the record.  Having said that.  They dont put you in the slammer

2016-08-24 Job/recrutiment:

Hello Daniel,    Here is my opinion.     Although you work for Amazon through an agency, I would expect that the Amazon HR office maintained some basic records of agency supplied employees.  If that is

2016-08-14 Adding Twitter profile in Resume.:

Dear Prashant,    Hope you are doing fine.    I think it's not right to give your social networking id on your resume. Till linkedin it's ok.    I will recommend not to disclose your personal life during

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