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Henry Cluess III

I've been using IRC on multiple networks, mainly EFNet, IRC.ZENet.Org, Irc.RuleOfTwo.Co.Uk, & Irc.WackyChat.Co.Uk, for over 19 years now. I current run 2 eggdrop botnets on EFNet with each network having 10 bots each & between the 2 botnets they hold at least 20+ channels on EFNet. I am also an ircop on IRC.ZENet.Org, which averages between like 300-350 users, for many years now & I also own/run/maintain/network admin Irc.RuleOfTwo.Co.Uk which is linked to the WackyChat IRC Network, Irc.WackyChat.Co.Uk. When it comes to IRC & IRC bots I've pretty much seen it all.


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